You know what’s next

I had a doctor’s visit yesterday morning early.  MrsL decided she didn’t want to unlock her Steelheart Thursday night and gave me permission to unlock myself when I got up early Friday for the 8 a.m. appointment.  I must admit, I have felt much more complete this past month because I have been able to be continually locked in the Steelheart. I even wrote in our journal how I was beginning to feel a bit “naked” without it.  In hindsight, I could have left it on because all the doctor did was go over my family history, show me a cool graphic of all 22 feet of the digestive system, and then press around on my gut before walking me through the whole colonoscopy experience.  I have already had one for the VA Gulf War Registry so I know the prep is much more vile than the actual procedure.  I mean, really!! I like having MrsL fuck me so having a thin, flexible, 4 foot long cable with a camera attached snaking through my intestines is no big deal even though I will be sedated!

Any way…!

MrsL was still asleep when I got home. The alarm had roused her a bit but she was still laying across the bed her beautiful naked body half covered half exposed. I walked over and started tracing a finger up the foot showing over her calf then up to her sexy curvaceous ass! She purred and arched back toward my hand. 

After a few minutes of a massage she rolled over toward me reached out and unbuttoned my shorts. My unrestrained cock was hard in no time. She reached out and gently kissed the head already glistening with precum then motioned me in for a kiss…so I could enjoy sucking the precum from her lips. 

As we kissed, she began stroking me then informed me she wanted to play with “her cock” for a few minutes! And that she did! 

As she stroked her cock she insisted that I not break eye contact with her. As she said, she knows when I am getting close because she can see it in my eyes. Holy crap…I guess the old adage the eyes are the window to the soul is true in more ways than one! 

As she slowly and gently pulled her hand up the shaft she would squeeze just behind head then with that same pressure would slam her hand down the shaft against the balls…conveniently resting on the mattress. Pleasure with a bit of pain…she knows drives me crazy!!!
When she said, “there’s that look” the rhythm and pace of her manual stimulation increased. She moved closer to the bed and positioned her body so the head of her cock was was resting just above her breasts! I just knew she was going to give me an orgasm all over her and make me lick her clean! 

“Look at me. You know what is going to happen next…don’t you? My cock feels naked when it is not locked in my Steelheart doesn’t it?”

All I could do was shake my head in agreement!

“Not to mention, I am not ready to let you have an orgasm.”

She let go of me and rolled to the other side of the bed to get up. 

“Go put on my Steelheart!” 

Obviously she does read what I write in the journal!!!

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