Life goes on

It has been a really long 24 hours around here.  We have come to the realization that our son is going to need a residential treatment program for his addiction & depression issues.   He went to a residential program back in 2012 but did so begrudgingly and has since told me he was able to use while there.  Last night he admitted as much himself, when he was still high, and we are struggling with the timing.  Remarkably he is still passing all of his classes; we think, and we want to let him finish out the last two weeks of school so he doesn’t have to repeat all of his classes.  We are not sure if that is the right choice.  He had his weekly therapy session this evening and has been in his room since getting home.  I hope we are doing right by him. I watched him block then delete nearly 20 phone numbers of people he tried forever to convince us were clean and sober. 

Even with everything happening, MrsL and I are still closely connected and her sexual confidence is through the roof.  She came to bed around 1 am and started running her fingernails up my legs. I was instantly very very horny.  This has been the longest period of not having an orgasm this year and the Steelheart was exceedingly tight very quickly.  When she started chewing on the nipple nearest her and used a hand to clamp down on the other nipple the Steelheart became “The Punisher!”  Ever since I told MrsL I had gotten close to an orgasm inside the Steelheart it has become her mission to make it happen; unfortunately, but it didn’t happen last night.  She informed me that she may not let me out for a full orgasm until she can coax an orgasm out of me while still locked.  

When she finally kissed me I could taste wine on her breath and coyily said “you finished your wine.”  

“There was only one glass left in the bottle…couldn’t let it go to waste.”  I could sense she was very horny as well and opened herself up for me to play with her.  As I wrote about last week in Knowing Her Body I am still learning what makes her happy and discovered something incredible last night.  

As I traces a finger from the bottom of one labia up over her clit and down the other labia I stopped and started drumming my fingers on top of her clit.  She moaned loudly and thrust up into my fingers.  I took that cue and focused my attention right at that spot.  To continue the explorationI would drum my fingers up and her rapidly swelling labia which caused even more incredibly sexy ooohs’ and aaah’s from her.  Switching from fingertip drumming to full palm drumming only intensified her pleasure.  I was certain she was ever so close to an orgasm so I leaned in and whispered in her ear:

“I bet, with your approval, the next time you allow me to tie you to the bed I can use the small crop right where my fingers are with soft rapid strokes and create an incredibly strong orgasm for my Princess.”

Her reply nearly caused the orgasm inside my Steelheart: “I guess we will see…”  

I can’t wait to find out.  As for my next orgasm?  When MrsL decides to give me one I will get one.  I am not traveling again until the week of May 9th so I don’t anticipate getting out for anything but a thorough cleaning, much less an orgasm, anytime soon.  

Life does indeed go on.  We will get through our son’s issues as a family and be stronger for the journey!

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