A little reversion fun

Sometimes a guy just has a mild flashback…a little reversion of the status quo.  Last night was one of those nights! 

Each night when MrsL. comes to bed my heart races waiting until she snuggles in beside me.  I wait patiently for any signal that she is in a playful mood.  Watching her undress basked in the LED light from the alarm panel always puts a charge in my Steelheart and last night was no different!  

As soon as she laid down and with her naked body touching mine I reached an arm over her and began caressing her breast.  Her low moaning exhale was the signal I was looking for and I continued letting my hand explore her body.  MrsL rolled over and reached down for her steel encased penis.  As she did that something in my brain clicked.  Suddenly I wanted to be more in control again.  No, I had no desire to go get the key and unlock myself.  I just wanted to be in complete control.  Needless to say, the Steelheart was being rather vicious and efficient by this time.  

I got up on all fours then straddled her body.  As I was getting situated MrsL reached up and started running her fingers up and down my ribs.  I politely took her hands and placed them up beside her head and went back to what I was doing…gently kneading her breast alternately sucking on a nipple.  I laid down on top of her fully with the Steelheart resting against her crotch so I could drag my fingers up her sides…she loves that…!  I was focused on her but something broke my focus…she had brought her hands back down to my body and was playing with my nipples.  This is where the reversion took full grasp of me.  

I took her wrists in my hands and matter of factly placed them back beside her head.  I leaned in close to her while still holding her wrist and gave her a long kiss.  Pulling away from her mouth I looked at her in the green glow of our room:

“If you move your arms again I will tie you to the bed…understand, Princess?”

The grin on her face was wide and welcoming…she even giggled as she shook her head yes.  But, I could sense based on her laughter she was going to test me on this.  I mean why shouldn’t she?  The last time I asked for this I stopped within seconds of getting her strapped down.  It didn’t feel right anymore.  Last night I didn’t have any of those feelings.  A scant few seconds later her hands were back on my nipples and I kind of went primal.  

“It sure does seem like my Priness wants to be strapped to the bed…is that right?”  She just shook her head yes and grinned.  I rolled off of the bed reaching under the mattress for the closest cuff brought it out and had the first offending arm immobile.  I went to the other end and had her leg strapped out wide and completed the spread eagle with the other side of her body in seconds.  She could not move and was relaxing in to her confinement.  I tickled the closest foot for a few seconds before tracing a finger up the inside of her thigh…stopping just short of her already wet pussy.  I leaned in to her and whispered in her ear:

“You can’t escape…I am not going to stop giving you orgasms until you scream…!”  I then walked over to close our door. 

For the next hour I kept building her up to the point of tipping over in to her orgasm and would stop.  Listening to her breathy exasperated moans each time I pulled away from her micro twitching clit was glorious!  In between, I would shower her body with kisses or would suck and nibble on a breast or chew on an earlobe while massaging her clit with a couple of fingers.  At one point I asked for permission to open her toy box and she said yes.  The Steelheart was particularly cruel at this point point forcing me to grab a cold towel to calm things down…just a bit.  

MrsL is definitely not in to pain but we have figured out she does tolerate some pretty intense pressure on her nipples.  She can’t handle her favorit little blue clamps but we have a pair of small sliding clamps with adjustable pressure that really gets her juices flowing.  I grabbed the pair of clamps.  As I turned to the bed I saw her nipples were already fully engorged and ready to be clamped.  I took my own sweet agonizingly slow time getting the pressure just right all the while the penis was trying to force the locked steel tube from my body.

Once I was satisfied her nipples were sufficiently taut I gave each one a little nip with my teeth and checked her straps to ensure she was still secure yet comfortable.  I kissed down her midline as my knee ran over and down her pussy.  As my mouth crested the mound of her clit I let my tongue gently part her vaginal lips.  She began squirming and trying to arch her hips up to my mouth.  Again, I went a bit primal…nice primal…but primal.  I nipped little bites of skin back up her body nail I arrived at her neck.  I moved to her ear and as I squeeze the trigger on each of the clamps:

“I don’t remember giving you permission to grind your hips.  Do I need to get out the extra straps and cinch them across your crotch so you can’t grind you hips?

A gentle no escaped her lips and I went back to work on giving her the best orgasm she has ever had!

Licking, sucking, and biting her clit, I took her to the edge of orgasm 4 more times before sliding one single finger in her ass.  That was the spark that sent her in to a loud, long and powerful orgasm.  She didn’t scream but came very close.  As this orgasm waned, I reached up firmly grabbing the clamps and started pulling them toward me.  It only took a few flicks of the tongue, with her nipples clamped and taut, before she was having yet another orgasm.  As I released each clamp I continued my vigorous licking creating the muffled scream I wanted to hear.  So much awesomeness!  I stood up and began releasing her from the bed.  I tossed the clamps back in the toybox and picked up the small 6” dildo and some lubricant.  

After repositioning her on the bed, and cleaning up a string of precum stretching from the Steelheart toward the floor by capturing it in her hand and licking it clean, I lubed up the dildo and began to fuck MrsL with it.  In her heightened state of arousal she reached another strong powerful orgasm after only a few thrust…a MrsL and chaste cyclist first!   With that orgasm she proclaimed she was done.  Remarkably, hearing her say she was done flipped whatever switch in my head back to full on submission.  

As she lay upon my chest after I put everything away and crawled in bed she mused about how she didn’t think I would go through with my threat.  I told her I wasn’t sure what was different other than wanting to be in charge.  I asked if she was surprised I hadn’t asked to be unlocked for intercouse.  Her reply was classic:  

“No I am not surprised.  You should never ask to be unlocked unless you are in pain. Now let’s get some sleep.”

I was over the moon all day.  Such a great night!

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