It’s only been 3 weeks

It has been several months since MrsL has been able to keep me locked in her Steelheart for an extended period of time.  With my trip last week being an opportunity to drive and my next two weeks still pending she is certainly catching up on Steelheart time. If I am being honest I was starting to miss it.  I think she is enjoying it as well.

This past weekend we did some much needed yard work culminating with us sitting on our front porch in the cool afternoon breeze yesterday afternoon.  It was awesome; just the two us talking, laughing, and relaxing as the day waned.  I loved it!  We even talked about chastity openly, a rarity for us, and what it has done for our relationship.  In some regards it was a continuation of her morning teasing session when I went up to wake her up for the day.

As I was gently caressing her stomach waking her up she reached out a hand untying the drawstring on my shorts then ripping them off.  The Steelheart was rapidly becoming too tight. For the next few minutes she used both hands to stroke the erection trapped inside and behind the Steelheart while squeezing and kneading my balls.  While she was enjoying watching my face contort and my breathing quicken she told me to look at her:

“Just think, if you had more self control and didn’t need to wear this steel tube you could be inside my mouth right now. But no…I am now in charge and…” horribly long pause as she kneaded a little harder…”it’s time for breakfast.” 

I was left standing there horny and happily frustrated.

Fast forward back to the porch conversation later in the afternoon.  MrsL asked me about my day on Monday and I reminded her I had to get up and leave at 4:30 am for our metal detector facility.  I commented on sucking it up and just braving the metal detector…then she reminded me of my job and how it really wouldn’t look good IF it went off.  I sat there looking at her to get an indication of when she was going to let me out.  She grinned and said: “you are just going to have to wake me up at 3:30 when you get up to shower. I don’t want to be tempted so I am keeping you locked up.”  

That is the first time she has admitted keeping me locked so she didn’t lose self control.  It sent a charge of pure adrenaline through me.  How far has she come in the past year to openly admit she didn’t want to temp herself!!!

When she finally came up to bed I was in a deep sleep and woke to her fumbling in the dark trying to get the key in the lock.  I woke up rather quickly at that point simply to cuddle with her.  Her attempts to remove the base ring resulted in an erection so there we were: unlocked and rigid cock with MrsL a bit frustrated (she still hasn’t quite mastered getting the ring on or off).  She laid down and as I nestled in to her she reached around and started stroking me prompting a deep long moan from me.

She pounced!  For the next hour she stroked and sucked me to several near orgasms…one of which had to be somewhat stifled.  As she clamped down mid shaft commenting on the strength of the muscle contractions behind her grip she tossed out this little gem: “it’s only been 3 weeks…no orgasm tonight.”  There were a couple of more trips to the edge for me after that but the best was yet to come…and it isn’t even remotely sexual.

As we were cuddling when she was done playing:

“Thank you for being an awesome Wife,”

“You’re welcome…”

“Thank you for being a fantastic Keyholder and controlling when or even IF I am allowed an orgasm,”

“You’re welcome…”

“More importantly, Princess, thank you for not giving me an orgasm tonight…”  

The other two you’re welcomes were whispered as she was trying to fall asleep…this one was noticeably different.  She pushed up on an elbow, gave me a long deep kiss while her hand slid down to my still semi hard cock (trapped in the base ring) and said with a cute little laugh and broad smile:

“You are MOST DEFINITELY welcome.  It is my pleasure to deny you!”  

We fell asleep with her holding her property curled up on my chest. 

Coming home mid afternoon was an experience as well! 

When I walked in the house after the long day she met me in the pantry.  With one hand behind my head holding me close kissing me passionately she ripped off my belt with the other and wrapped it behind my neck to use as a collar.  Both of my hands were full so I was completly under her control.  Continuing to hold my mouth to hers with one hand the free hand skillfully unbuttoned my slacks and exposed my already rigid erection.  Pausing between kisses: “OOOOH…just the way I like it…big and hard.”

She immediately bit down on my lip and started rapidly stroking her toy.  She nearly drew blood chewing on my lip as she sensed I was near an orgasm.  Just as I felt the rumblings of a massive orgasm building she felt the initial little tremors and stopped!   

“Now you can go put on my Steelheart…make sure you come to me to lock you in again…go!”

Damn, she is really embraced her role as a Keyholder!

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