Knowing her body

There is so much in the world that can and does distract us from being connected to the person we love.  Family and all that entails (well chronicled on here as to our family struggles right now).  Work. Being self-employed. All things electronic: t.v., phones, DVR’s, etc. To take a step back and rediscover what makes my wife purr when I touch her has been one of the better things to happen since we started chastity in earnest over a year ago.

Even amidst the craziness this weekend, MrsL and I have had some time to ourselves.  It will get harder in two weeks when the youngest son moves back home for the summer so we are taking every advantage of our alone time.

Friday evening after taking our oldest to the doctor and then to his job (that we want him to quit desperately) while I finished work, MrsL came home and neither of us were in a mood to cook so we went out for burgers and fries.  Not the healthiest choice but we made the most of it.  Upon arriving home and ensuring all of the blinds were drawn I immediately stripped down to nothing but the Steelheart which put a big smile on her face.  She wanted to relax with some t.v. for a few minutes so I sat down on the floor in front of her reclined feet, removed her socks, and gave her an hour long foot massage while she enjoyed the show she was watching.  Of course, throughout the hour I took full advantage and also sucked, nibbled, chewed, and bit her feet.  I have come to know, by listening to her breathing…her reactions…her subtle re positioning that she comes close to an orgasm every time I start biting the arch of either foot….she reacts more when I am worshiping her left foot but knowing her body allows me to focus on the right spot on the correct foot.  My goal this year is to make her cum while worshiping her feet.

I can lose myself while at her feet so when she is ready for more a gently nudge with one foot to my chest, who am I kidding she sometimes has to knocke me over, lets me know she is ready for more.  Each of the last two nights that has been a trip up to the guest bedroom.  The bed is lower to the floor making it easier for me and her both.  I kneel on the floor and watch as she removes her shirt and bra. I am then allowed to remove her pants and panties then she becomes to focus on all my energy.

I have rediscovered some places to touch, lick, or kiss her body that make her melt into the bed.  Once such extremely hot erogenous zone for MrsL is behind her ears.  Whether sitting, standing, or relaxed on the bed simply; running my fingertips along her cheek line up behind her ear with one or both hands produces the sexiest reactions from her.  In the guest bedroom I typically start making her happy by placing my chest on top of her pussy, applying direct pressure on her clit.  As I run my hands along her side I will draw them in toward her breast.  As she begins to arch and grind in to my chest I will circle each breast the with all five fingers draw them up from the outside of her breast but never touching her erect nipples.   This increases the amount and pressure of her grinding on my chest.  As my fingers leave her breast, I run them up her neck under the chin  then slowly slide them along the cheeks behind her ears.  The first time I noticed this sent a surge in my groin.  It still does! Her moan when I do this is so damn erotic!  I will linger here allowing her to thoroughly enjoy the sensations.  I will repeat this caress several times altering the path of my fingers, sometimes tweaking her nipples other times spiraling a single finger up each breast.  This has allowed me to learn yet another of her hot spots…underneath the breast.  It is so rewarding learning her body.

As of late she has used her legs to keep me in the place she wants and when ready directs my mouth to her wet pussy.  I have come to know alternating between kissing and gentle nibbles around her labia before focusing on her clit makes her purr loud and strong.  Making her cum while kissing/nibbling her labia has happened once…and it was great!

I have come to know the exact moment she is ready to climax.  Her breathing becomes more intense with rapid shallow breaths right before the orgasm rushes through her body.  If the house is empty…the exclamation of pure joy is powerfully intoxicating.  The house has been empty the past two nights so there has been much joy proclaimed from our guest room.

The past two evenings have been awesome.  She has been showered with well over a dozen strong, arching, loud orgasms.  One of which last night came with her nipples bulging out of rubber bands but that is a story for another post.  

As I mentioned in the opening, she no longer feels guilty about denying me.  She has come to know how to touch me to her joy as well.  I shut down my senses refusing to be ticklish for most of our marriage.  Being chaste has taken away my ability to control being ticklish.  A simple gentle strumming of her fingers anywhere on my ribs, clothed or not, sends me in to an outburst of laughter…she loves it.  

Last night, after her numerous orgasms she pulled me up on the bed on my stomach.  While swirling a finger in the small of my back she described how she was going to take me in our room, stretch me out on the bed, use the cargo straps we found in the garage across my body in a few places: my chest, just above and below my crotch, and across my legs so I couldn’t arch up in to her.  She then, in glorious detail, described removing the tube of the Steelheart and suck, stroke, and bury her cock inside her pussy but never letting me cum.  “I will tease you until your mad with the need to cum…then lock you back up.  But…not tonight.” 

She knows me.  She got up and put on her pj’s while I lay there with an angry Steelheart viciously preventing any erection and punishing the balls.  She told me to roll over and smiled: “It is going to be a lot longer…I enjoy knowing just how horny and desperate your grow every day.”  

What a night!!

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