The Hotel Experiment

A little short story fiction for your reading enjoyment.

It had been a long day of travel when he finally slid the magnetic key card in the slot opening the door to his abode for the next 2 weeks.  Business was booming and his company needed his presence at a newly acquired facility on the other side of the country.  He was only a 4 hour flight away from his Wife but it might as well be on the other side of the globe.  

As the door opened he walked in and began his typical routine: throwing the suitcase on the bed, tossing his briefcase on the desk, and opening the curtains fully to let in some natural light so he could unpack.  He was on autopilot going through the motions until he uncovered something very interesting: a wrapped box with a note attached.  The box was sandwiched between a couple of layers of clothes.  He didn’t even notice it when he added his dop kit then zipping the bag shut.  In bright red big bold letters in his Wife’s hand the envelope on the box read OPEN THE ENVELOPE ONLY WHEN FOUND.  The note read:

 As soon as you are settled and can play strip and call me on FaceTime. Before you call text me you are there and your room number.        I LOVE YOU.  (Signed) Your Princess.  

His heart was racing as he finished up organizing his room.  His excitement was tempered by his Steelheart.  

Two years ago, he asked Her to hold the key to his chastity device to help restore the passion to their marriage. She was hesitant at first but had warmed to the idea.  In that time she had read and learned a great deal about male chastity.  She discovered just how enjoyable it was keeping him locked and horny all of the time.  She had her knight in shiny steel and he treated her like the Princess she always wanted to be.  She also discovered her husband’s secret desires and used them for her pleasure, as well as his, all of the time.

Brimming with jittery energy he stilled himself and opened FaceTime and called his Princess.

“I see you found my surprise,” giggling, “well at least the first part.  Show me my Steelheart.” 

“Yes Princess.”  He tilted the phone down to let her see he had completely followed normal procedure.  The Steelheart was in his luggage and as soon as he got to his destination he locked it on and sealed the key in a small plastic box with a numbered plastic seal.

“I wanted you to feel close to me while you are away for such a long time.  You may open the box.”

Inside the box he found several sheer lace thongs.  As he was looking for the size:

“Don’t worry they will fit you. You will wears one of them every day making sure to wash them when needed. I am sure you noticed not having any of your regular underwear?  But that is only part of my surprise.”  

Unexpectedly, at least to him, there was a knock at his door.  His entire body flushed and he swallowed hard fighting back a bit of panic.  

“There’s no need to get dressed.  That is the other part of my surprise.  Go answer the door just like you are and keep the iPad with you so I can see.  Oh and you are not allowed to look through the peephole.  Now get moving!”

“Yes, Princess.”   He started walking toward the door.  The Steelheart was punishing his balls while containing his attempted erection. He paused for  several seconds before finally pushing down the handle.  As the door opened he heard his Princess, “meet Dylan.”

Dylan was six feet plus with a dirty blond crew cut.  Deep blue eyes were framed inside strong cheekbones leading to a square chiseled chin.  Wearing gym shorts, tank top, and flip flops made it easy to fall in love with his body.  Strong muscular arms and shoulders as well as thick meaty legs couldn’t keep him from staring at the cock clearly outlined in the shorts. Around his neck hung a key…but not his.

“Stop being  a bad host and invite Dylan in the room.”

Stepping aside to allow Dylan entry made his heart race again…so much so that he thought he was going to pass out. He noted Dyland had walked in with a huge case causing his mind to race as well. He had confessed his desire to be dominated by a man with his Princess’ permission.  They had talked about it many times but ultimately she would end the conversation with: it’s just a fantasy right?

“HEY”…shook him back to reality.  His Princess was visibly upset at his brief lapse.

“That will cost you when you get home.  In the meantime let me explain.  Dylan is a fellow sales consultant I met last year at conference.  He is bi-sexual and a lifestyle Dom. He asked about my key one night then showed me his.  We have been talking ever since.   He knows and will respect your safeword and has my permission to do with you as he wishes.  The only thing he can’t do is unlock my Steelheart.  Your cock belongs to me and only me.  Understand”

“Yes, Princess.  What ….”

“Stop…don’t ask questions.  You have wanted this and now I am letting you have what you want. Dylan has promised to not be too rough” evil laugh “but if he is…oh well.  I want you to get the full experience.  He will be visiting you several times over the next two weeks and you will do what you are told!   Oh, and Dylan is coming home with you in two weeks to fulfill your other fantasy…being a cuckold.   You better learn to enjoy the taste of his cum…hahaha!!”

Dylan had been busying himself unpacking his toys: gags of all types, floggers, paddles, various bondage devices, butt plugs of all sizes, collars, and several blindfolds and hoods  Thankfully he had been upgraded to a corner suite so the events of the week would be somewhat away from others.

“Dylan….he is all yours.  Leave the FaceTime running for awhile because I want to watch.” Pausing for a second she beamed with pride as she extolled: “Enjoy, my dear knight.”

With that his Princess settled back in her recliner and was gleefully taking in all she could.

“On your knees knight,” the word dripping with sarcasm.   After placing a collar around his neck Dylan ordered his clothes removed.  As he pulled down Dylan’s shorts the monster cock sprang to life.   

Looking at the iPad he laughed: “You will enjoy this in two weeks but I think your knight wants it right now.”  

The last thing he saw was his Princess smiling as Dylan guided his cock to his lips. “Open up knight.” 

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