Scenes from run of the mill restaurants 

Okay, so the title is a bit cheesy but it fits the experience I had last night and tonight.  

After driving most of the day I walked across the parking lot to a chain restaurant that starts with O’.  I typically just sit at the bar so I don’t take up a table.  In this case, the bar was basically empty even at 6:00 p.m.  The two teens working at the host station were both too busy to acknowledge me which didn’t matter since I was heading straight to the bar.  The man and woman in scrubs with the logo from the hospital down the street, I thought were a couple, at one end of the bar were discussing work for awhile then shifted to him offering up his divorce lawyer…not sure what was going on but she wasn’t happy.  There was talk of cheating, not appreciating her, and never helping out anymore.    Being that I am traveling securely locked in MrsL’s Steelheart this week I came ever so close to introducing myself and telling her she needed to get one for her husband…but I didn’t.  I am sure it would help.

A cute little server came in behind the bar and informed me the bartender would be right back.  I hadn’t even noticed nearly 10 minutes had passed I was so engrossed in the conversation to my right.  I ordered up a glass of Mark West Pinot Noir and settled in to peruse the menu…since they have been advertising a fresh new offering.  Just a note, their fresh new menu is only the way it is printed!!

Down to my left was a guy in his 60’s nursing what appeared to be a fruity drink.  He struck up a conversation with me, from 5 stools down the bar, about everything from “where you from” to the weather.  He appeared to be a regular because the bartender knew him by name as did several other folks who wandered in to the bar area over the hour I was there. 

At some point I missed the three 20 something guys who walked in sat at a booth just over my right shoulder.  If it would not have been so obvious I would have changed bar stools.  Instead I opted to be a little less obvious and kept glancing over my shoulder.  Of the three, one of them was definitely horny…the hottest one to boot.  Every time I glanced back at their booth this spark plug of a guy with massive biceps, crew cut, and calves like a god was working his legs back and forth like he had a “thigh master” between them.  Guys, you know what I am talking about…using our own quads to rapidly squeeze and release your balls.  Truly one of the last guilty pleasures MrsL allows me…only if in the Steelheart.  His cargo shorts concealed what I was sure was a massive hard on. That table was getting their meals as I was leaving.  Oh well, it is always great to see hot guys and girls when out and about.

Tonight, I went to a place that appears to be local.  I have never heard of it so I thought I would give it a try.  Big mistake!  

I found a stool at the bar sandwiched between two couples.  One bartender, a late 20ish lady was too busy flirting with some guy old enough to be her Dad at the end of the bar to notice I had sat down.  I had to flag down the second bartender from the other end of the bar to get some service.  The couple to my right were quietly fighting about anything and everything.  The irony was they shared a salad for their only “food” becasue they were drinking their dinner.  I certainly hope they called an Uber.  

The other couple paid and left within a few minutes so no real drama with them.  The guy who swooped in for the barstool; however, was a horse of a different color.  I refuse to use my phone in two places: in the bathroom and sitting in a noisy bar.  He walked in on his phone and was on it until his meal arrived.  Of course, since it was a noisy bar he was talking loud enough to be heard on the space station.  I know way more about him and his family than I care to know.  Thankfully, I was able to eat in peace and not lose my sanity.

I will comment briefly on the meal: the salad was frozen (sent back) and my steak was way undercooked.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my steak medium rare.  Tonight a defibrillator could have brought this thing back to life!.  If I want steak tartar I will order it!  Finished quickly and left.  I will not be going back. 

I know not a lot on MrsL and I…okay.  I’m traveling…we chatted a few times today…I got several naughty messages and the Steelheart is secure with the emergency key safely sealed in this envelope:

She did just texted me informing me how good she smelled after taking a long hot shower.  Gotta go.  Having a FaceTime with her in a few minutes!

Until next time!

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