The Steelheart and CrossFit

After a several month hiatus, no real reason other than unmotivated, I have gotten back into the swing of things with my Crossfit workouts. 

Since my travel schedule had been so damn crazy I have decided to go on personal programming instead of attending group classes. The co-owner of my gym, a young, brash, converted meathead took me on for programming even though he hasn’t accepted new “personal programming” clients in 2 years. I love the guy…and will call him Red as he is an unabashed ginger! He is a driven passionate person. He balances that drive and passion with equal parts coach and counselor! 

Even though Red is just over half of my age he has become an ad hoc therapist listening to me and giving remarkably sage advice for a youngster! When my son crashed hard earlier this year, Red spent a good hour just walking around the outside of the gym listening! He finally said “you didn’t force him to do what he did…don’t punish yourself..make time to relieve the stress.” I knew that, deep down, but hearing it from Red resonated with me. But I digress.

Red has been easing me back into working out. I have shoulder issues and a rebuilt ACL so he is playing to both of those. Today’s little workout looked easy…not so much. 

A 20 minutes grind is deceiving and as I got deeper into the time the quads become jelly and the shoulders were on fire! 3 sixty second wall squats didn’t help. 

All of this completed, without issue, securely locked in MrsL’s Steelheart! She teased me a bit this morning to the point of a, as pcguy calls them, chastegasm. When I told her what was building she just laughed and said the Steelheart will stop it! 

I actually love the additional support from wearing the Steelheart while working out. Hopefully I can add to the leg and arm porn here soon. 

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