Random thoughts

Just a few thoughts bouncing around in my head this morning.  Sorry for the scattered stream of writing!

Thought 1:

It is amazing to me just how quickly my body adapts back to being locked in MrsL’s Steelheart.  I was out for over a week and teased relentlessly.  When she ordered me back in it Monday evening I just knew I would be in for a week of losing sleep due to nocturnal erections.  Well….not so much!  The rest of Monday night was a bit challenging as I did wake up three times…once with an angry Steelheart that required a cold wash cloth to calm down.  Tuesday night wasn’t as bad…I woke up twice and had to force my mind to think about anything but the  beautiful MrsL laying naked beside me. Oh, what did I think about you ask, the craziest thing…playing video games and puppies!  Go figure.

Last night, I slept right through it all.  Well almost.  I woke up once with a bit of a tugging sensation.  Readjusted things a bit and fell back to sleep.  I have been working out after I get finished with my work in the evenings so I am sleeping better.

Of course, MrsL is still teasing me like crazy which for some insane reason I can’t get enough of!!!

Thought #2:

There are so many great blogs out there.  I read several listed down at the bottom of my site.  I forgot to mention another great post on Male Chastity Journal about power exchange and FLM yesterday.  Mrs Lion and Lion do a fantastic job of chronicling their daily lives.  Lion had this to say about why he and Mrs Lion keep doing what they are doing:  Why Keep Doing It.

Thought #3

Last night was the first positive sign we have had from our son in over a year.  He has been going to his therapist again now for a month and last week went to her high.  (He always seems to go crazy when I am traveling).  I didn’t think he was going to see her yesterday after a bad situation Sunday night/Monday but he did…and he was clean.  She had told MrsL last week that she had never seen him in that condition and wasn’t prepared then but she would be for next week (last night).  We didn’t know what was happening after his session because he was his typical self afterwards: quite, very reserved, and not in a talkative mood.

Last night after we ate he went up to his room for a few minutes then came down, asked to turn the t.v. off, and told us:  she doesn’t want him back on the opiate substitute, she doesn’t want him going to AA/NA etc JUST YET because he is still too susceptible to negative influences, she is willing to work a recovery program with him not only as his therapist but as his sponsor, and he was going to do it!

It is still a long road ahead but that is the first time he has ever admitted to being ready to work a recovery program!!  He also talked about getting out of the service industry (restaurant) and getting a job at a local call center on 2nd shift…another positive step.  Maybe things are finally going to get better!

That’s it…my head is clear.  Now to start my day!!

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