It’s all about you tonight…but

When fantasy becomes reality, well almost reality, it makes for a wonderful, sexy, erotic energy filled day.  I can’t say that I have ever been happier and felt more alive than I have the past few days culminating last night.  Even with ongoing issues with our son we have both committed to staying focused on each other.

Since getting back from my last trip, MrsL has been on a complete teasing bender (probably not a great analogy considering the issues we are having with my oldest son but it fits).  I mean I have been a horny, teased, leaky mess for 4 or 5 days.  The great thing about it is we are both very happy.  She is really honing her skills lately by varying the type and intensity of the tease, really listening to my body, and knowing just when to stop the stimulation so all of the sensations racing through my body toward the penis simply scatter like a dandelion bloom on the wind. I knew, in my fantasies, that being denied would be fun.  I never knew just how awesome the NO could be!  I mean Sunday morning after pleasuring her with the tongue she had me standing in front of her playing with my balls while stroking me…insisting that I not break eye contact with her.  The non verbal communication for that 4 or 5 minutes was exquisite. As the eruption was almost at the point of no return she got this horribly evil smile on her face and said:  “It is SO NOT time.”  She got up and walked away!  Frustrated, YES!  Happy as a clam, OH HELL YES!!

Sunday night we tried playing with her new e-stim kit and were both horribly disappointed.  The control unit doesn’t work so we are having to send it back to the manufacturer for a replacement.  We have played, a little, in the past with a TENS unit I had for my knee after ACL repair.  That was fun but this kit has nipple clamps, a probe, and nice little leather strap that wraps around the penis and balls.  She had me strapped to the bed, blindfolded, cocooned in a wall of music, and wired for play.  She wanted to make sure my sense of “feel” was fully engaged!  When she took off the headphones and said something was wrong I could see the disappointment in her eyes.  She released me from the bed and we just cuddled and fell asleep.  As we were drifting off she gave me instructions for “tomorrow night” involving cleaning myself out, heavy latex kitchen gloves, and dildos.  Not going to lie….I couldn’t get to sleep for about an hour just thinking about it.  (Not to mention hearing then getting up to see our son come home in bad shape…)

Yesterday afternoon MrsL put her plans in motion.  After getting home from taking him to/from class (remarkably he is still passing everything) she came up to take a shower because she had a doctor’s appointment and a team business meeting last night.  My office is right against the bathroom wall and I could hear her humming and singing while in the shower…quite the turn on.  A few minutes after the shower ended I was summoned to the room. There laying on the bed in nothing but her crotchless panties was MrsL.

“I want you to see what you can’t have and know that you are not touching it the rest of the night…now go back to work.”

Un-fucking-believable!!!  I LOVE this new sense of self confidence she has found!!!

A few minutes later she came out in a purple low cut blouse and her skin tight jeans.  I was on the phone with my boss but that didn’t matter…she walked over and started stroking me through my sweats.  I have done that to her before while talking to her Mom or sisters…and it was so much fun.  Being on the other side of that equation was, what’s the word, challenging.  When my voice cracked a little and the boss asked me if I was okay she finally stopped and had to leave the room to keep from the boss hearing her laughing.  Once she stopped laughing and went to leave she mouthed while pointing to her crotch: “You can’t have this…”  Wow!!!

After dinner, she left for her meeting and my son asked me to take him to a buddies house 50 miles away so they could study for their test together.  He was going to stay over there and I can only hope he studied and didn’t get high.  I met the guy as I dropped him off and he seems like he has a solid foundation so we shall see when he gets home today.  I got back home around 9 p.m. grabbed MrsL’s kitchen gloves and a small can of Crisco (I have read and heard it is really great for anal play) and headed upstairs.  As I was finishing up the cleaning process and getting out of the shower MrsL walked in around 9:45.

“Are you ready?”

“I just got home and am all clean….”

“Okay, but first I need some help undressing…the only thing I need help with is my jeans.”

She sat on the bed and pulled her top off then removed her bra.  She stoop up so I could begin removing her jeans.  As I slid them over her hips and down her legs she reminded me I was not to touch her.  As she lay back down so I could finish peeling them off of her she grabbed my head and pulled me so close to her wet pussy…just holding my head there.  “You know you don’t get to have any of this tonight…”  I begged to give her an orgasm.  Her hands went to my nipples and clamped on…using them to pull me to my feet.

“Tonight, my wonderful husband, is all about you. Now get my toy box out and get on the bed.”

When everything was prepared and I was laying across the bed my head hanging off the side, hands strapped out to either corner and legs pulled up over my head with adjustable straps securing my ankles to my wrist she walked around showing me the blindfold.  Just before putting it on she told me to stick out my tongue but not to move.  Straddling my face for a few seconds she ran her clit over my tongue stopping abruptly and blindfolding me.

For the next hour, with her hands encased in latex making it all the more powerful sense she was but wasn’t touching me if that makes sense, she fingered, massaged, stroked, squeezed, and ultimately fucked me.  The majority of the time she was only using two fingers inside me.  I was a writhing, moaning, pile of putty in her hands.  The initial prostate massage and cock stroking produced, what felt like, a large amount of cum oozing on to my stomach.  Since her hands were covered in latex and Crisco I was let off the hook and didn’t have to eat it (she told me afterwards she would have a plan to deal with that the next time….involving a condom…).  At this point, my legs were starting to ache a bit so she let them free…which came in handy later!!

A few seconds after the first milking subsided I felt the pressure of the dildo against my ass.  I relaxed and the slick dildo slid right in.  I was thrilled to read an article  Thumper posted on his Twitter feed yesterday.  Last night’s activities only reinforced what Zachary Zane had written about in the article.  Anal sex is awesome!!!

MrsL alternated between slow rhythmic thrust to rapid strokes.  She still hasn’t gotten comfortable with the harness so she holds the dildo in her hands.  As the pleasure increased so did my vocal and physical reactions.  At one point, I had my feet on the bed arching up in to her thrust…moaning to beat the band…!  Once again…she could sense I was getting ever so close to an orgasm and with one long excruciatingly slow motion pulled the dildo out of me…sending wave after wave of intense pleasure through my body.  As the pleasure subsided it created another oozing of cum from the penis.  I can’t even call it a ruined orgasm.  While removing the blindfold and wrist restraints she Commented on just how fun it was to watch cum drain out of me without me having an orgasm.  I think there will be more of that in my future?!?!?

She pulled me up to a sitting position which put my head nestled between her two breast.  We stayed in this position hugging and caressing each other for a few minutes then I asked “may I please give you an orgasm now?”

MrsL put a finger under my chin pulling my eyes up to hers:

“No, I said this night was all about you…but…you CAN and WILL go put on my Steelheart right now.”

The look on her face was one I will remember for a long time.  She could see the shock and puzzlement on my face and she simply grinned for a second then walked around to her side of the bed and laid down.

I went to the bathroom and had to hop in the shower again.  Crisco is a fantastic lube; however, it is a bit more messy and required a shower.  I will say that after being fucked and fingered last night using it I am nowhere near as sore as in the past with regular water based lubes.

After showering and putting on her Steelheart I walked out for her to lock it on.  She was laying there on her stomach, legs spread completely, naked running through my Spotify play list.  As she turned the key sealing me inside steel again, I Thanked her for locking me up.  She pulled me in for a long deep wet kiss then pushed me away and told me to finish cleaning up the room.  I had left the dildo in the bathroom after cleaning it so I went back in to get it.  I took a gamble and walked over to MrsL, now on her back, and placed the head of the dildo against her labia.  When she didn’t stop me I took my free hand and began massaging her clit which produced a deep soulful exhale as she opened her legs wide.  MrsL has tried dildos before but has never liked the way they felt.  I wasn’t sure where this would lead but was damn glad I took a chance.

Over the next few minutes, after grabbing some of the “his/her” lube from the toy box and applying the his to the dildo, she allowed herself to relax and enjoy.  We were using the smaller of the two so she was able to take all of it.  She had one back arching OH MY GOD orgasm followed by a series of rapid little ones.  The Steelheart was ever present during all of this…effectively capturing and trapping any attempt at an erection inside the steel!!

As the little orgasms subsided she put a hand on mine and, through deep breaths, told me she was getting sore.  I was so proud!  After cleaning the dildo in the bathroom and walking back out to put things away she commented on just how enjoyable that experience had been.  I grabbed the harness and showed her how I could wear it over/above the Steelheart allowing her to ride it as long as she wanted.  She just smiled and said “next time…”

After putting things away I turned to find her beautiful naked body stretched out on the bed already asleep.  Such an awesome night!


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