Teasing at a new level

I finally made it home around 2 a.m. Friday morning to find MrsL comfortably nestled in our bed one leg thrown out on top of the covers.  She sleeps like this most of the time (I think we all do at some point) and I absolutely love looking at her when she sleeps like this.  The tease of one leg leading up to a peek of her ass with everything else, symbolically, untouchable is the best view in my world!  I keep a picture of that view on my phone for those long trips away from her!

After stripping and quickly showering off 24 hours of work/travel funk, I could not sleep Wednesday night and gave up around 3 am, I crawled in to bed beside her thinking she was sound asleep.  I was delightfully surprised! She rolled over kissed me long and deep.  Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth as if drinking in my energy fueling her passion.  We continued to kiss as our hands rediscovered every luscious inch of each others bodies.  As my hand trailed over her breast and down her stomach she kicked off the covers and rolled on to her back opening her legs.  Alternating between her neck and breast, I nibbled and kissed for a few minutes then felt her hand in my hair.

“I want you to make me scream” was whispered in my ear before she pushed my head toward her pussy.

I got up on my knees and kissed down her body arriving at the mound of her sex.  As I gently kissed the freshly shaven skin I felt her hand tracing down my rib cage and latching on to my rigid cock.  As I parted her lips with my tongue and began it over her clit she began stroking me.  I tried to stay focused on her.  Between tongue, lips, and teeth (gently I might add) she was having her first orgasm in seconds.  Normally, MrsL is like a diesel engine…a long slow build up of speed then once going difficult to stop…but not this morning.  She raced right through a couple of orgasms in no time and with each one her stimulation of me increased as well.

She had not given me permission to have an orgasm so each time I got close I would back away from her.  At one point I had to nearly jump off of the bed to keep from cumming.  One more touch from her would have meant trouble for me.  Since I had to pull completely away, she used her knee to push me away from her crotch then turned to lay across the bed and stuck a foot in my chest and pushed me off of the bed.  I instantly assumed her favorite position: kneeling beside the bed.  She moved to the edge of the bed, laid back and offered a foot to lick, suck, and chew on (she loves having the arches of her feet bitten) then the other before locking her feet behind my head and pulling me back in to her wet dripping pussy for more orgasms. After several more she pulled me up on the bed.

We lay there, her nestled on my chest, for a few seconds then her fingers walked down my chest.  She stroked and edged me two more times…the last of which left the cock dancing a little jig.  When the twitching stopped she placed her hand over my balls and as the cock softened pulled in into her palm and we fell asleep.

Having her hold my manhood in her hand as we fall asleep legs intertwined is the MOST comforting and relaxing feeling in the world!

When I woke her up later Friday morning, I thanked her for letting me pleasure her as well as denying my orgasms.  I told her there was nothing more erotic and sexually fulfilling than her teasing me and taking me to the brink of an orgasm only to stop at the penultimate moment leaving my body surging with energy and hormones.  It is powerful.  She just smiled and said “you’re welcome…I like it too.”  That was a harbinger for some excellent midday fun!

When I am traveling, I think about MrsL but am not so easily distracted.  Working at home when not traveling….well…that is a horse of a different color.  Knowing she is a few hundred feet away down the stairs working in her office keeps my mind racing.  We texted back and forth a bit leading up to lunch about just how distracted I was and how she could help me with that distraction before she finally came up.  The house was empty as the oldest was off studying with a friend…YES!!!

“So, you can’t focus…let me help you with that…” as she kissed the back of my neck and a hand went inside my sweats to begin manually stimulating the ever so rapidly growing cock.  Kissing my neck and stroking had me on the edge in no time.  Sensing my body tense up she STOPPED and walked away without saying a word.  I collapsed into my office chair trying to catch my breath as I heard her in the closet.  I thought I was headed to time out…but…no….not today.

She walked back out with one of the smaller clamping hangers.  After spinning my chair so she had unfettered access to all of me she pulled my shirt up over my head and applied the hanger and used it to stand me up.  She ripped my sweats down to my ankles then pushed me back down in my chair and pulled my shirt back down over the hanger.  Sitting down in front of me she stroked my cock while sucking the balls in to her mouth.  She edged me two more times then got up and informed me she had to take a shower.  As she walked away I asked, “what am I supposed to do with the hanger.”  She spun on her heels and with that why are you arguing with me look:  “Did I say do anything with the hanger!” and promptly turned and went in to our room.

There I sat stunned, naked from the waist down, and horny as a concert hall at a punk rock show.  After her shower she came out with her bath wrap on and edged me three more times…the third one almost a spoiled orgasm.  She laughed as precum oozed out of the top and trickled down the shaft.  Oh, she collected it on her fingers and as she made me lick them clean said, “I have to go dry my hair…”  I knew better than to say anything and tried to focus on work again.

By the time she walked out with her hair and make up done still in her bath wrap, I was jittery. The clamps had been on for over 30 minutes at this point and she could see I was struggling with them.  She took the hanger off and gently massaged my chest creating an instant erection which she promptly stroked to another near orgasm.

“I have to go get dressed now” with a smile on her face she got up and walked away!

Do you realize how hard it is to get back focused on work after such teasing?  Let me just say it is damn near impossible.  A few minutes later she came out in a form fitting blouse and jeans.  As she walked she motioned for me to stand up.  The cock was still semi erect so she helped it along by bending down and sucking it to a full erection.  After sucking me right up to the point of no return she clamped her hand around the base and squeezed.  I had the sensation of an orgasm but nothing came out!  I guess that is what is called a “stifled orgasm???”  (Of course it leaked out the remainder of the afternoon…glad I was at home and not traveling as it would have been rather embarrassing trying to cover up the initial wet spot in the crotch.)  As she felt the orgasm subside she kissed the head of my cock leaving her lip print in lipstick then pulled my sweats back up.

“I expect to see that print there when I get home.  Now get back to work!”  She kissed me and walked away.  Holy hell!!!  What had just happened was racing through my head.

The remainder of the afternoon and evening were uneventful.  We went to dinner and walked around the mall before both collapsing on the love seat.  During dinner we talked about a lot of things; especially, how we are both really enjoying ourselves again with each other.  I get to go wake her up in about an hour!!  I can’t wait!!

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