Airports and people watching 

Sitting in the Columbus, Ohio airport already on a flight delay. This is going to be a longer night than previously expected! However, that is great as I haven’t had a chance to full on people watch in a few weeks. Let the games begin.

My bartender is a full figured black lady. Diamond chip stud through her left lip and right nostril and a bob haircut that doesn’t do her justice. She is a great bartender for an airport bar. Friendly, speaks to everyone, and constantly checking on everyone. I am starting to think she is from the south because every one is honey, sweetie, or baby. I left her a great tip because she made my day!!

Then there is the kid from IU two stools down who got insulted when asked to show his ID when ordering a beer. Typical millennial who was disillusioned when he graduated and went back to school for awhile to get his masters. Don’t get me wrong I applaud him for that but don’t complain about it. Midwestern kid with at least 3 layers of clothing even though it is only 41 degrees outside and he is in the warmth of the airport bar.

To the other side of me is a gorgeous 20 something stud traveling with two old geezers. They are on some project for work and he is the new guy. I am not real sure what they do yet but I would certainly be willing to get to know him better…I think! The two old geezers are slugging down beers like it is the end of the world. 

Of course there are the kids running around causing panic in their parents and serious irritation to the regular traveler. I love kids but control them a bit! 

Well enough for now. Walking to the gate. We shall see what there is to see!!

Made it to the gate to find this guy: 

Bags sprawled everywhere wearing a “DragonCon” shirt and reading a anime graphic novel in Japanese. He is oblivious to everyone stepping over his stuff. Then to make matters worse some guy sits down just to the right of this guy and stretches his long skinny legs across the entire aisle so he can “recline.” 

Oh, now DragonCon dude is fighting off sleep. He may well just break his neck it is snapping so hard!

The fun just go extended due to a flight delay. Yay!!!

Elvis’ “American Trilogy” live just came on iTunes…AWESOME!!

Holy Cow! The guy sitting to my left is even hotter than the guy at the bar! Chiseled face below a short crew cut dirty blond hair.  Wide strong shoulders lead to thick sexy arms with biceps filling up the sleeve. His pecs are defined with just a hint of nipple. Massive quads hidden beneath a layer of denim hint at just his strength and power. Just gorgeous! Well, I think I am completely distracted now. Going to spend the rest of the delay looking at him…moving to a better vantage point. 

Hopefully MrsL will have her new e-stim toy out when I get home??!!

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