Unlocked surprise

Just as my body was adjusting to bring back in MrsL’s Steelheart it was time for a business trip. This trip I am also visiting another one of our metal detector protected facilities so MrsL put me on the honor system and unlocked me for the 4 days. 

With a 3 am wake up call I headed up to bed early around 9:30. MrsL gave me permission to unlock and remove her Steelheart before going to bed…I found out why when she came to be around 1:50 am. 

I am a light sleeper especially on a night before travel so of course I woke up when she came in to the room. After stripping for me to see and climbing in bed I thought she was just going to go to sleep. I snuggled up to her which triggered her primal hunting instincts and I was the prey. Scratching, nibbling, and biting led to, what I thought, a prostate massage.  That was just the appetizer.

After getting me stiff and leaking she turned her attention to the penis with the best oral sex ever before telling me I had exactly 15 seconds to get the PA jewelry out…and boy was it close. She mounted me and was riding me in seconds. I was on the verge of an orgasm seconds later and she knew it and said “not yet” a few times before finally saying “enjoy it” 

Moments later I was exploding deep inside with her using her kegels to milk me dry.  Even at 8 days the orgasm was awesome!  When I tried to maneuver to put my mouth and tongue to work she was having none of it. 

“I wanted to give you something to make you think about me all week. So you get to cum and I don’t tonight. Good night.” 

She rolled over and was asleep in seconds. Such a great send off! 

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