Second sub experience 

College life is exciting. At what other time in one’s life can you explore so many different things before becoming a responsible adult? I know my college years were a study in contrast: the fraternity guy building a student government resume to run for student body president his senior year along with insecure kid trying to find himself. The bathroom experience with the hot athlete my freshman year was my first interaction with another guy. Well I also had a sub experience my sophomore year…just prior to meeting MrsL.

It was the typical fraternity/sorority mixer. Lots of alcohol, dancing, and hookups. We had convinced one of the best sororities on campus to come to our house early in the spring semester. The night of the mixer a little winter storm moved over campus leaving a layer of snow and ice but nobody really cared…must have been the alcohol…maybe?

As the night wore on I noticed I had become the object of affection for a gorgeous petite redhead. I don’t even remember her name but remember the events of the evening vividly!

Red and I were in my room having a great time but kept getting interrupted. I had a single room but as a chapter officer my Brothers thought it would be funny to keep knocking on my door. Red finally offered to take the party to her apartment and I jumped at chance. She gave me the address and asked for a 10 minute headstart. I braved the icy roads and near drunk state I was in to arrive at her apartment roughly 12 minutes later. 

She met me at the door in a leather bra and a silk thong, stunning to say the least!  She asked me if I wanted her to take the lead. I was still a bit tipsy and eagerly agreed.  She took my hand and led me to her room shutting the door behind her.  She told me to strip and lay down on the bed. She had a metal head board and foot railing and I found myself quickly secured to the bed with rope. Even a little drunk I was hard as steel pole. She stood up over me on the bed and slowly stripped out of her thong then told me to open my mouth. As she was stuffing the thong in my mouth she told me her roommates didn’t need to hear.

She took some thin rope and wrapped it around my scrotum ensuring the erection stayed firm then scratched and bit my body top to bottom. “You know you like being under my control,  just admit it.”  I shook my head as much as possible. That’s when she took a tube of something and coated my cock. It was a desensitizing cream…I only figured that out when she put on the first of three condoms. After the last condom she walked into the bathroom and came back out with a bottle of baby oil. 

After coating the triple condom covered cock in baby oil she climbed on top sliding herself down on her live dildo. For the remainder of the night she used me for her pleasure. After every two or three orgasms she would remove the condoms, apply more cream and put on new condoms. This happened 3 times and I think she had 10 or more orgasms. When she was done, she removed the condoms and used her hand to stroke me to an orgasm. She untied me and curled up on top of me and fell asleep. 

The next morning she asked me to leave. I couldn’t decide if I had done something wrong and asked if I had upset her. “No, you were just my dildo for the night. I am not interested in a relationship and just like tying up guys and using them. I won’t see you again. I hope you enjoyed it?”

She pulled me down for a kiss and opened her door. I walked out and drove back to the frat house. I really enjoyed being her toy and would have done it anytime she wanted. 

True to her word we didn’t see each other again. Anytime I saw her on campus she would smile but never spoke to me again.  I guess that night really solidified my submissive nature!!

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