And the sub side wins

NOTE: I have shared this story (well the story of Temptress) with only one other person, MrsL, because she wanted to know why I was submissive. I have never told anyone about the magazines and dreams of my youth. As with my other autobiographical post this is very relieving! Thanks for reading!

It was the mid 70’s and I was, in today’s vernacular, a tween stuck between being a kid and the glory of my teen age years.  Living on a small family farm out in the boonies (I used to tell people we lived so far out in the boonies we didn’t get the Grand Ole Opry until Sunday night..bad joke I know…but it usually go my point across) with only my older sister and younger brother was difficult.  I have never thought of myself as a “middle child” because of the three of us I am by far the most level headed and mature…even then.

Living out in the country back then there was still no garbage service so folks had a couple of choices: burn your trash or toss it on the community trash dump. The dump was on a narrow muddy side road that led up to a dead end; well, you could keep walking out into the woods. Needless to say there was always interesting things to find…and boy did I find some!

My first real experience with pornography came in the form of a half soaked hard core BDSM male on male magazine. Oh there was the average run of the mill Playboy & Penthouse mags and I looked at them as well. However, the BDSM mags always got set aside or placed in a special hiding spot under a huge boulder with a nice little hidden alcove where I would waste many an hour.  Over the course of a couple of years until the families living along the same road; albeit miles apart, agreed to pay for a large dumpster I found about a dozen of these BDSM magazines along with 50 or so other mags. The  old dump site was dozed over…burying everything. The boulder was moved down to the bottom of the draw beside the road.

All of the magazines tempered my thoughts and dreams but the BDSM ones stayed with me. Even as a teen I had dreams, both day dreams and night dreams, of having my own dungeon full of young men being abused for my sexual pleasure.  Sometimes I was the Dom and other times I was just there watching and coordinating the fun.  I had many wet dreams to visions of hot young naked guys bound in various manner enduring having their nipples tortured, cocks & balls busted or stretched, being forced to suck other bound guys and made to swallow, and of course being fucked.

Even with these dreams and images in real life it was girls who turned me on!

Naturally as I started dating I would lean toward being more dominant…which never really worked for me. I always seemed to defer to what my girlfriend at the time wanted to do and didn’t think twice about it…at all. Maybe I had hard wired my brain to only be truly dominant with guys…if I ever went down that path.

A couple of things fueled my submissive side with women with one of them happening before I ever got to college. I think this incident is why the Penthouse Forum story about the guy leaving the bar with the hot young lass only to surrender to her and be her “toy” for the weekend hit home with me.

My senior year in high school, after marching band (technically football) season was over, I would stay in town with my sisters car, and “cruise the strip.” I think every small town has a Friday hang out and ours was a 3 mile stretch of the main road. We lived a good 25 miles from town and my sister worked 2nd shift at a local factory so I stayed in town. Even though we went to church every time the doors were unlocked I still had a curious side…and what better place to find dates?

That summer wonderfully sexy 24 year old widow from church, her husband was killed in a car wreck, and my sister started hanging out together so naturally on Friday nights while my sister was at work I would hangs out with, we will call her Temptress. I was 17 and thought I was the cock of the walk hanging out with a 24 y/o every Friday night. About a month in to our Friday night routine things changed.

I can’t and won’t say I was taken advantage of; however, a hormone fueled teen boy getting attention from a 24 y/o could be considered being taken advantage of in some way.

I would drop my sister off at work around 3:25 for her shift then head straight over the Temptress’ little house. We would sit and chat, go to the arcade, grab dinner, and then cruise the strip. She would occasionally run a finger up and down my arm, rest her hand on my leg when sitting, and always insisted on hugs when I arrived and left. I even got the occasional kiss.  Again 17, horny, and thinking I might just get lucky!  This went on from the middle of November until…

One Friday night in March that changed. I drove over to her place and when she opened the door in her bathrobe I could sense something…carnal. I instantly started getting hard and she noticed. 

I was asked, no told, to undress. Once I was naked she dropped her robe revealing a red corset crotchless teddie. My heart was racing and I stood there taking in the magnificent view. Her nails, fingers and toes, were painted a bright red and her nipples were standing out firm!

May I touch you, she asked and I stammered through a yes. 

If anything from now until you leave gets too strong for you just say church and I will stop. Don’t speak just shake your head yes or no. 

I nearly snapped my neck shaking yes. 

Get on your knees and put your face on the floor. Remember, church stops everything.

I could already feel cum oozing from my cock and was afraid the next time she touched me I would have a full orgasm!  I tried not to look up as Temptress walked back out of her room but I did see a collar and leash hanging from her hands. It wasn’t long before I was being led into her room on all fours! As I entered the room I saw an opened trunk at the end of the bed. I was told to get up on my knees as she was reaching into the trunk. My hands were draped with rope then bound together with which she pulled me to my feet. I looked up to see her looping the rope through an eyelet then felt the tug of being pulled tight. Are you okay?  Uh huh! 

Temptress pulled out what I now know to be a spreader bar and locked it on my ankles then secured it to the bed post. I was now helpless! She tickled me and gently slapped my balls for a few minutes then released the bar from the bed and spun me around. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I heard her rustling in her closet then she whispered in my ear, Remember church if you want me to stop. 

I was whipped with a broad belt for what seemed like forever and I nearly screamed church a few times but held out hope that this would end with the two of us having sex! When she finally stopped she gently rubbed some type of soothing ointment on my aching cheeks, released my feet and hands, and tied me to the bed.  I was rewarded with the most awesome blow job of my young life while bound! To top off the night with something I never thought would happen, she swallowed every drop of cum making sure to milk cock dry!

Temptress got up and put on her robe then released me from the bed. She sat down beside me: “As long as you keep this out little secret I want you to be my boy. Can we do that?”

Of course I said yes. I was her boy for remainder of the spring and summer before heading off to college.  She taught me about CBT, nipple play, and just how limber I was with bondage. However; she never let me have sex with her and only gave me blow jobs and fingered my ass. Unfortunately, She got a job in another state and had to move my first semester so I never know what would have become of me being her boy. What I do know is that summer my submissive side won and I knew I would always be submissive. 

I tried to bury my submissiveness for years and finally asked MrsL to “play” after about 10 years of marriage. It has been a long slow journey but she is getting more dominant and I am relishing in it! 

Could I be a Dom? Probably with men, yes. With MrsL, NEVER! 

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