More sensory overload…pt 2

And now the finale of More sensory overload.  You should start HERE!

There was an immediate return of the music after she told me she was stripping out of her shirt.  My memories of the previous weekend were still fresh in my mind and I could vividly picture her hands grasping the hem of her shirt, how slowly she pulled the bottom of the shirt up over her breast, and how she paused just before ripping it over her head letting me take in her sexy curves.  It was incredibly hot last weekend and even more reliving it in my head!

I was brought back to the present when I felt her hands on the small blue clamps.  She flipped them back and forth on my chest a couple of times then took each one and turned them in toward the center of my body.  I was trying to be quiet and not scream…too loudly…as our we share a partial wall with our 20 y/o’s room.  I guess I wasn’t that quiet.  After letting go of the clamps as I was taking deep controlled breaths I felt pressure on my mouth.  The pressure forced my mouth open and the new ball gag I bought her was seated in my mouth and strapped in place.  After adjusting the strap on the gag she picked up an earphone and informed me:  “I am now going to get completely naked…too bad you can’t see or touch…hehehe.” 

Her voice was sultry.  Her breathing was slow.  She was in control and having a great time.

I felt her climbing on the through my outstretched legs letting her unrestrained breast gently glide over a leg.  She paused and lay down with her breast nestled in the space between the stretched cock and balls.  Taking her hands and squeezing the now rope encased erection between her breast, MrsL stroked me in this manner until I was bucking up off of the bed….then…nothing…except a little cum oozing on to my stomach!  I knew she was still kneeling between my legs but she wasn’t touching me.

After a few seconds I felt her hands playing in the small puddle on my stomach and was preparing myself for the gag to come off and licking her hands clean.  Not tonight…at this point anyway.

Her hands traced up my body followed by her cum slicked breast stopping right on top of the blue clamps.  She then lay down on top of me forcing the clamps outward.  She positioned her crotch against the rope contained erection.  I could feel her juices running down the rope on to my crotch.  She then began rubbing her clit up and down the rope and in short order was having an orgasm.

Now that she has figured out she can achieve pleasure like this…grinding against me…but not letting me inside her…she has done it three or four times…and that is since last Saturday!  I love being used like this for her pleasure!!

She collapsed on the bed beside me and took off the first of the two clamps.  I don’t know which is more enjoyable….her putting them on….or taking them off?  It is when she, in her words, starts massaging the nipple back in shape that sends me through the roof.  I couldn’t hear her but I know she was laughing as she “massaged” each one after taking off the clamp.

There was a brief pause.  I guess she was figuring out what she wanted to do next.  I found out soon enough.

One of the of the large blue clamps was placed on my chest.  I then felt the second large clamp, mouth wide open, being positioned against my left pectoral muscle.  She seated it in place and let it close ever so slowly grasping as much muscle as possible.  The process was repeated on the right side.  The effect this has is forcing the nipple taut and making it a perfect canvas for more attention.  Usually, MrsL follows up the big clamps by placing the small clamps on the taut nipple.  The pain from this tandem is ethereal!  Tonight she chose not to double up with the clamps and that is okay.  (She did tell me after play time was over that the double clamp treatment was in my immediate future!!!  I am still trying to convince her to snap pictures of my predicaments for me to see but she is afraid I might forget to delete them…who me???)

At this point, MrsL removed the ropes.  Her favorite technique is to simply stand back and pull creating that nice little vortex action as the rope accelerates leaving the body.  Tonight was no different.  A few seconds later, after cinching the four straps tight again, I felt her crop being dragged down my body stopping and resting on the balls.  I knew she wouldn’t hit hard because our 20 y/o was sleeping on the other side of the wall.  So what does she do instead?  Rapid very CRISP swats were showered up and down the shaft of the cock and all over the balls.  The swats walked down the inside of one leg…were applied to the soles of each foot in succession…then walked back up the other leg.

Then…nothing.  I lay there basking in the heat from her crop and the pressure from the large clamps for 2 maybe 3 songs.

Finally, I felt her hand on an ankle releasing a leg.  She moved and released the other leg before climbing in bed beside me.  The large clamps were removed and she just lay there running a finger up and down my chest.

After a few minutes she took off the headphones followed by the blindfold leaving the gag in place before kissing down my body and taking the limp cock in her mouth.  Needless to say it wasn’t limp for long!  After sucking me back to a full erection she licked and kissed her way back up my body ending by licking the ball gag.  She straddled my body:

“I am going to take the gag out now.  But if you make any noise…it will go right back in your mouth!”

I wasn’t sure what was next…but I had a good idea…and boy was I right!

She reached over grabbing some lubricant and drizzled it over my erection.  Placing her closed fist at the top of the head; she slowly and gradually forced her hand over the head down the entire length before beginning a dreadfully slow stroke rate.  “Remember…no noise” was whispered in my ear as she methodically coaxed me to the edge of an orgasm.  My breathing and thrashing legs gave me away and she stopped!

“I’m going to undo your hands.  However, you are not allowed to touch me.  If you do the night is over.”

She made a show of untying one hand climbing over me dragging her breast across my chest then untying the second.  Now came the true test.

She added more lubricant to her hand but this time stroked the cock like a piston firing in an engine…just to the point of no return….!

I was screaming in my head and my eyes/facial expression told her something.

“You are so cute when you are desperate” dripped out of her mouth as she took two fingers, one on either side of the shaft just below the head, and simply wiggled her fingers back and forth.  That little move drives me mad!  I was on the edge in seconds…and opened my mouth to start to beg….she stopped before I could say anything.

“I think that is enough for now.  Put all of the toys away and come to bed.  Oh by the way, I am off limits until further notice.  Kisses and hugs only.  You are not allowed to touch my neck, breast, nipples, pussy, ass, or (long pause) my feet.  Understand?” 

What the hell???!!! ran through my mind.

“Why, Princess? Please at least let me be allowed to massage your feet?  Please let me give you an orgasm now…before you are off limits?”

“No!  In due time.   Don’t ask again.  Now put away the toys and come to bed.” 

After locking everything away and laying down beside her I was informed I could still cuddle and snuggle with her I just couldn’t touch any of the forbidden areas.  I nestled in behind her and wrapped an arm around her careful not to break the rules.

I can’t tell you just how incredibly hard it is not being able to touch my wonderful Wife/Keyholder.  I do love kissing her.  However, kissing without letting my hands roam all over her body is…well in a word….IMPOSSIBLE!  I am good so far…it is hard but I think she is enjoying the tease even more.  Especially when I get a visible erection just looking at her and she makes a point to come over and take advantage of me being unlocked!

I don’t know how long this will last this time…hopefully…not long!


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