More sensory overload…

Last night the entire family went out to a great little local restaurant for trivia night.  We had a great time and I had a couple of drinks.  Me having a couple of drinks is not unusual, for the most part, it is just that I had a couple of martinis which I haven’t had in awhile.  By mid game I was all feisty and wanting to go home for whatever!  I even leaned over and whispered in MrsL’s ear, a few times, that my inner masochist was longing for her attention.  She just smiled and told me I’ll take in under consideration. 

I posted a tweet late yesterday that I was finding it difficult to stay focused on work, since I work from home when not traveling, because all I wanted to do was focus on MrsL.  She took full advantage of that when we got home from trivia!

Our oldest went midnight bowling with his girlfriend and a group of friends and our youngest went to bed at 10:30.  MrsL sent me upstairs to ensure his door was closed and when I came back down to confirm I was given the following direction:

“Get out my toybox, put on the headphones, blindfold yourself and wait for me in the middle of the bed.”  My heart was pounding and I knew my inner masochist was going to get a work out.

I don’t know long I waited on her but it felt like an eternity.  I guess if I counted songs on my playlist I could have guessed but I was too focused on calming myself down and trying to sense any indication of her presence.  Afterwards, she told me she was making me work on my “patience issues” by making me wait.  How awesome!

I added a layer to the hearing deprivation as the noise canceling headphones did a good job but I could still hear a little.  I took a set of those sponge ear plugs I use at the range and inserted them before putting on the headphones.  That worked like a charm.  My first indication she was in the room was feeling the bed move as she ran her hand along the side of my leg.

After cinching my arms and legs down tight she scratched my naked taut body from neck to toes paying special attention to the cock and balls. I still have some faint marks lingering this morning.  There was a pause and then one of the ear pieces was lifted and she whispered in my ear, I could barely hear, “I’m now stripping out of my pants.”  The ear piece went back down and there was another extended pause.  I could imagine the scene!!

After the pause, a rope was cinched around the base of my balls.  She took her time coiling the rope around my balls carefully tying it off, testing the security with a few gentle tugs, then pulled the rope toward my feet stretching the balls before tying the rope off to my left ankle restraint. The cock was next.  Rope was cinched around the base and coiled, tightly I might add, up the shaft.  She must have used the smaller rope because she laced it through the the curved barbell in the PA allowing her to pull it up toward my chest.  She pulled my chin down and placed something in my mouth…the rope coiled around my cock…then pushed my chin up creating a gag with me holding the rope.  There I was: cinched tight to our bed, cock and balls both wrapped tight in rope, stretched in opposite direction.  

I didn’t know what she used until later (one of those long grill/fireplace lighters) but MrsL decided to experiment with fire play.  I felt heat near the head of my wrapped cock….she got it close enough to to warm things up but never got so close to burn.  It was incredible and completely unexpected.  We have dabbled with candles and wax but never fire.  I want more!!  The heat then started at one ankle traveling up to the aching balls.  She let the heat linger around the balls for a few moments then repeated the process with the other leg again letting the balls slow roast for a few seconds. Then the heat disappeared.

Once again there was a pause and an ear piece was lifted up: “I’m bending over in front of you slowly peeling off my panties” then nothing but music…brilliant! She even let her bare ass brush against my hand.

At some point I knew she would pull out her favorite blue clamps…and she did.  I felt the first one on the left nipple with the right nipple feeling the bite immediately after.  A few little hard taps on the balls followed before she pulled the rope from my mouth lacing it through both clamps, pulling the clamps toward my waist and tying it off around the balls.  I was lost in the music awash in the pain and pleasure of the clamps….just as I thought I could drift in to sub space she jolted me back to reality.  

Another pause. Another whispered description of a layer of clothing to be removed. Then…sharp needles rolling around the taut exposed flesh of my nipples…the pinwheel!!

That devious little device found its way all over my helpless body.  Circling each nipple. Down each side of the ribs. Back and forth over the swollen head of my cock.  One hand grabbed the exposed balls holding them still while the pinwheel gently crisscrossed over them.  Down the inside of one leg, over the foot, up over the other foot, and back up the inside. Of the other leg.  She had fun with her pinwheel.  

Another pause…“I’m now stripping off my shirt…”

Stay tuned…have to run to a video conference meeting…..

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