A long long time and an epic tease

Our weekend got off to a fantastic start in the wee hours of Friday night/Saturday morning.  Throughout the day Saturday MrsL and I enjoyed some playful interactions, as much as you can with adult children running around the house. Saturday night was a study in frustration and teasing.

MrsL and I went to be at the same time.  We kissed and cuddled for a few minutes before she went in to full Keyholder mode.  While stroking me to a near orgasm she ordered me to stand up beside the bed.  She turned across the bed which put her face level with my groin.  She alternated between laying on her stomach and her back while she stroked, chewed on, sucked, swallowed my swollen cock down her throat or sucked and chewed on my balls.  Every time my cock would twitch signaling the onset of a potential orgasm she would stop and position the cock between her breast, rolling over if needed, suck my balls in her mouth, and insert a couple of fingers in my ass to massage my prostate.  Any precum leaking on to her chest was smeared all over her nipples and I got to suck them clean.  This pattern repeated itself for over an hour.

I keep my phone on the nightstand beside the bed.  When she felt like she had milked me enough she grabbed my phone for what I thought was going to mean a trip to the closet for me…not so much.  When she flipped the phone over to show me the timer it was set for one minute.  She handed me the phone:

“That is how long you have to cum.  Of course, I will be the one stroking MY cock so you better hope I don’t get too tired in the next 60 seconds.  I will tell you when to start.”

My mind was racing and the cock was firming up at the thought of an orgasm. I mean she had just given me two orgasms the night before so I was really excited about getting to cum after being teased for an hour.  

She flipped over on her back taking her cock by the curved barbell hanging from the PA and licked the underside of the shaft from the balls to the head.  As she was guiding the head only in her mouth she said “START.”  While flicking the curved barbell back and forth with her tongue she began a slow methodical stroking with both hands.  The seconds were disappearing quickly.  She reached up with one hand to grab my hand and rotated the phone so she could see then increased the rate of stroking.  Just as I felt the twinge of the orgasm in my loin the timer went off and MrsL stopped everything and simply let her cock rest in her hand.  So close!!!  One or two more strokes!!!  There wasn’t even a dribble of cum….just lots of twitching.  PERFECT TIMING!

She rolled over to her side of the bed while I stood there for a second regaining my composure.  When I snuggled in behind her, kissing the nape of her neck, I whispered how lucky I was to have her and that she was spoiling me with orgasms.

“You get one more over the next couple of days then it is going to be a long, long, long time before you have another orgasm while I will get as many as I want.  You are going to forget what an orgasm feels like it is going to be so long.  Now go to sleep and dream about long term chastity.” 

Needless to say I slept like a baby.

Sunday was uneventful except for lots of playful banter and sexting.  

Yesterday morning I went in to wake her up with a gentle massage.  As she woke up she took my head and placed it between her legs and I gave her a great morning orgasm.  She only allowed me to give her one by taking a foot and pushing me away from her as the orgasm subsided.  She threw on some pj’s and walked out of the room leaving me wanting more.  I got up, made the bed, and went back to work with her scent and taste lingering on my face.

An hour or so later as my youngest was watching tv up here with me in my office I sent her a SnapChat:  

Me:  Your scent and taste on my lips and mouth are driving me crazy.

MrsL: Well, come to the laundry room then….(with her little she devil emoji)

I made an excuse to go downstairs and found her leaning over the washing machine.  I reached out and ran a finger along the crease of her ass.  She responded by standing up, turning me around, pushing me back in to the washing machine, shutting the door, and ripping my pants off.  She knelt down and while squeezing and pulling my balls down toward the floor she began sucking my rapidly growing cock.  Every time she came up for air she would regrip the balls pulling down harder as she buried her face on her cock.  I was ready to explode in short order and she knew it too.  My moaning betrayed me and she stoopped and just walked out to the kitchen.  

I composed myself, pulled up my sweats, and grabbed a snack (our laundry room is also our pantry) before walking out to the kitchen.  Setting the snack down on the island, I walked over and went to massage her shoulders.  She spun driving a hand down my sweats and gripped the still rigid cock leading me back to the laundry room.   She shut to door, ripped my sweats off again and went back to her ball pulling and sucking.  I was on the edge of an orgasm in seconds…not minutes…and thought she was going to spoil me some more. Wrong. 

She stopped at just the right moment…she has become an expert and listening to my body…and walked out again.  I stood there for a couple of minutes composing myself before walking out to find her sitting at the table working.  “You, sir, need to get back to work.” 


With our youngest sitting to my right on the sofa last night, I snapped this picture and sent it to her with the message: I really want to be kneeling in front of you licking and sucking on these.

   I got back the following reply:  I am not stopping you 🙂

It was so tempting and as soon as he went to bed I didkneel down and worship her feet.  Such a great day!!!

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