The end of a long week

For the most part, I really do love my job.  While I complain vociferously while I am out on the road I truly enjoy what I do for my company.  The travel aspect of the job can be frustrating; however, it is the end of a long week that truly makes me happy.  This past Friday was no exception.

MrsL really has been spoiling me this new year.  I mean when some of the couples living the chastity lifestyle I keep up with are attempting a year of no orgasms for him; Caged Monkey, or have recently finished a true long term lock up using EmlaLock like pcguy, MrsL has given me one orgasm a week ON AVERAGE.  The longest period she has kept me chaste, not locked at times due to travel of course, has been 62 days…and that was last year.  When I got home Friday night that trend continued.

She told me at some point Thursday via text that I was to immediately go take a shower and put on the Steelheart when I got home Friday night because, in her words, “I want your tongue.”  However, when I called home once I got to my car she told me I had a surprise in the fridge in the garage.  She wouldn’t give me a clue which made it all the more erotic and exciting!  I was pretty sure I knew what it was but in the back of my mind was the direction to put on the Steelheart…so I kept telling myself: It’s her decision.

I have had issues with performance off and on for a couple of years primarily due to chronic masturbation.  Last month I wrote about how all of the medicine I was taking took a toll on me getting an erection. Well it seems the new combination of inhaled steroid and a once a day tablet for the asthma is proving to be an issue with erections as well.  I am glad I have a treatment plan for this issue with a male clinic that specializes in “performance”.  The clinic offers a tailored dose of medicine that guarantees and erection…the only thing is…it is a self administered shot at the base of the penis.  Oh, they give you an auto injector that is calibrated so only a little bit of the needle is all you use…but it is still a shot to the cock.  Does it work?  In a word….YES!  In two words…..HELL YEAH!!  MrsL really enjoys the results of the shot and rations them to when she wants to ride me for a long time. We keep the doses of the medicine in a locked container buried under a few things in the freezer in the garage.  I found a dose in the fridge when I got home!!!

She heard the garage door go up and was standing just inside the kitchen in nothing but a sheer red silk nightie that stopped just below her crotch. The view was alluring and my eyes couldn’t stop…lustily taking in every inch of her body from her deep purple toenails up locking on her cleanly shaven pussy to her bountiful breast with nipples so hard they were pushing the silk off of her body.  I know I had a grin from ear to ear.  

Luckily our youngest son, who had come home for spring break, went to bed an hour earlier and the oldest was at work, so I had two great surprises:  the shot and her new nightie.  Unrestrained, the penis instantly started pushing at the briefs.  After letting me drink in her beauty and sexiness, MrsL walked up and planted a long tongue filled kiss on me while letting one hand slide over my crotch making the erection more intense.

“Did you find your surprise…or should I say my treat?”  I shook my head yes while still trying to kiss her.

“Then go take a shower, give yourself the shot, wait for me in time out….and don’t forget to text me my picture so I know you are truly in time out…”  I tried to answer but was met with a finger over my lips as she pushed me away from her. She swatted my ass as I turned to walk away.  I nearly tripped running up the stairs with my suitcase and backpack…I didn’t want to make her wait too long…boy did I forget…she is in charge!  

Since the shot takes 10-12 minutes to fully work I grabbed the auto injector and administered the shot before I hopped in the shower.   Once it takes effect, I can and have maintained an erection for well over two hours.   

I have never taken a quicker shower.  Once I was properly hanging by my nipples in the closet with the shot beginning to take full effect I sent her a SnapChat and waited.  She left me there for quite some time…and I probably needed that time to calm down. The wait and sore nipples were worth it.

When I heard the closet door open I could see her shadow flickering against the wall in front of me…once I was out I saw the candles lit around the room which became the low intoxicating light for her next treat.  She ran her fingers up my body from the bottoms of my feet, over my aching calves, over the ass…stopping momentarily to firmly grip each cheek digging her nails into the tender flesh…finally making huge four finger X’s on my back.  When she leaned against me, purposely placing her body against mine, I immediately felt something other than silk.  As she wrapped her covered arms around me to release the clamps I started to ask a question but was instantly silenced with a full hand over my mouth: “If you say another word that shot will go to waste…understand…and I will be very unhappy…are we clear?   I simply shook my head yes.

She turned me around and took a step back.  If I hadn’t already had a raging erection I would have gotten one: black leather jeans with her boots covering her calves and a form fitting cotton blouse was the outfit I saw….DAMN!  After letting me take in the wonderful sight she reached out grabbing the rigid penis, sinking her fingernails into the meat, and walked me out of the closet.   I have never felt so loved and possessed…my mind was reeling in the visual and physical aspects of what was happening.  As I passed out of the closet I saw a carefully crafted mound of pillows on the bed.

“Since I deprived you of seeing and hearing last week I thought it would be fun let you watch me as I tease you for awhile tonight.  I am going to leave you untied…but…if you touch me before I give you permission you will find yourself strapped to this bed and blindfolded again.”   The entire time she was telling me this she was stroking the cock.

After being carefully arranged so I was propped up on the pillows she unveiled her plan:  I was stroked, tapped, or sucked to the edge of an orgasm…each time I nearly had an orgasm she stepped back in to the candle light and stripped out of one article of clothing at at time…yes…even each boot was taken off separately.  MrsL even varied how long she took in building to each near orgasm…HOT!!

Once she was completely naked

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