Fun with pedicures…the finale

After MrsL was satisfied I had sufficient marks on my body she lifted the left earphone up and asked if I was okay.  I shook my head yes and was quickly sealed off from the rest of the world, lost in music.  There was a brief pause in the action so I took the time to still my breathing and reassure myself that whatever happened was going to be enjoyable…maybe painful…but enjoyable.  I was right on both fronts!

A finger touched the inside of my right thigh and began tracing down the inside of my leg.  As it reached my foot, one finger became 4 fingers strumming the bottom of my foot like a guitar.  I was laughing uncontrollably in seconds.  I have no idea how loud I was laughing…all I know is in my head it seemed like a roaring laugh. The left leg/foot received the same treatment driving me crazy.  Once again to my own amazement I didn’t move.  That in and of itself is quite an accomplishment for me.  I mean really, my chest was still aching and emanating heat from the crop so I didn’t want to risk any other punishment for moving.

When the tickling stopped the new experiences began focused on my feet!

MrsL’s oiled breast were placed on either side of my right foot.  That foot was massaged with her breast for several minutes before the left foot received the same glorious attention.  The sensitivity of the feet magnified every touch and having her breast massaging one foot at a time was overwhelming.  

MrsL had a magnificent plan.  After the silky smoothness of her breast,  each foot was treated with the sharp little spikes of the Wartenberg pinwheel.  The counterpoint of the sharpness of the pinwheel to her silky smooth breast was delicious.  How does my brain relish in that sort of dichotomy?  I don’t know and don’t care…my body and spirit loved it!  After the pinwheel disappread there was a brief respite.

I soon felt MrsL’s wet pussy on my left foot.  In my mind’s eye I could see exactly what she was doing.  She had straddled my foot and began riding it like she would my erect cock.  She rode my foot for several minutes alternating speed and pressure.  She must have been close because she maneuvered herself so she could guide my foot inside her cunt…my foot got to feel the strong muscular contractions of her vaginal wall as she reached her first orgasm.  Holy cow…that was awesome.  The best part is that I got to truly focus on the sensations alone since I couldn’t see or hear.  As I said…I saw it vividly in my mind and it was awesome!  Soon after, she was on top of me feet on either side of my head using them to gently hold my head up off the bed grinding her pussy on the gag.  I tried desparately to push the gag against her to help get her off to no avail.  She reached a second powerful orgasm within minutes using the ball gag.  As she collapsed on my legs she crawled down close enough to start sucking on my toes…creating an instant surge in the penis.  

She felt the penis fighting to get erect so got up on all fours, grabbed the erect penis, guided it to the part in her lips,  and slid herself back burying me deep inside her.  I had to really focus not to have an orgasm. Resting buried balls deep on the penis, she began flexing her muscles…milking me and driving me wild with desire!  A few full thrust with more vaginal muscle contractions later, with me nearing an orgasm, she crawled off the end of the bed leaving the penis throbbing and twitching.  Over the next few minutes she alternated between rapidly stroking or sucking me to near orgasms.  Then everything stopped.  

Moments later I felt the familiar bite of her favorite little blue clamps on each nipple.  She applied them letting them work for awhile then took them off, rotated them half a turn and clamped them in place. The pain of that little move is brilliantly excruciating and also causes a damn near instant erection…in this case causing the subsiding erection to stand back to attention. I then felt a finger touching underneath my right nipple which was traced on an angle to the center of my chest.  The finger then went to the left nipple and traced down at an angle  to the same point then went straight down.  I quickly realized it was the letter Y.  The pattern repeated again forming in succession the letters E and S…the word YES.

As soon as she finished tracing the S in YES, MrsL swallowed the erect penis all the way down her throat…again something new.  After deep throating me two more times I could feel the first spasms of the coming orgasm…she felt them too and pulled the penis out of her mouth and finished the orgasm with hard rapid strokes, slamming her hand into the balls.  The ejaculation was strong with numerous blast of cum.  My body convulsed with each expulsion my mind awash on a sea of extreme pleasure.  The orgasm was so strong the butt plug was expelled even with the duct tape attempting to hold it in place. 

I soon felt her hand behind my head releasing the gag.  As she removed the first clamp, creating a yelp from me, her other hand tipped toward my mouth spilling salty sweet cum all over my tongue.  After I licked it clean, I felt her scooping more cum off of my skin and as the other clamp was removed I was treated to another round of the salty sweet liquid. As I was licking her hand clean for a second time she began releasing my hands.  With me now released but still blindfolded and hearing restricted I went where ever I was placed…and found my face buried in her crotch.  I knew exactly what she wanted and put my tongue to work bringing her to several more orgasms.  When she was satisfied she took off the earphones and blindfold.  She rolled over on the bed telling me to clean up then join her.

Once finished, I snuggled in beside her and she curled up on my chest placing a hand over her now limp cock and balls.  We fell asleep both exhausted but happy.

Who knew that getting a pedicure with your Wife/Keyholder could lead to so much fun??!!

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