Fun with pedicures…reprised

Saturday started innocently enough.  MrsL had me plugged all day Friday then teased me relentlessly all evening Friday.  She even made herself off limits to anything other than kissing and caressing everywhere EXCEPT her breast and pussy driving me wild.  I was unlocked so the teasing was even more effective.  So, when we woke up and cuddled for a good hour Saturday morning and I innocently asked if she had any instructions for the day while she was away at a health fair.   Thus the list and time limit to get them done.  I was horny from the night before…the list and promise of something new had me hornier than a box full of toads.  

I started to ask for a hint on the NEW…I didn’t even get past new.  She put a finger over my mouth and very sternly informed me: “if you say another word or ask another question the only thing that will happen tonight is a visit to the garage and a red ass for you.”  

While she was getting ready I made her breakfast and then helped her get her car loaded with the stuff for the health fair.  As she backed out, I got busy.

The list was things were some of the initial spring cleaning tasks and I added a couple of extra cleaning nuggets to make sure she was pleased.  She made sweat it out inspecting each item on her list before ultimately telling me I had passed.  She then told me to get cleaned up because I was going with her to get a pedicure…it was not even up for debate.  

I must admit sitting beside her getting our feet soaked, scrubbed, grated, covered in hot wax, all with a luxurious leg massage from the knees down was fun and just a bit exciting.  My foot masseuse finished first and since MrsL was still getting her manicure I went down to the Adam & Eve store in the same shopping center.  I found a new gag to present to MrsL  to help me learn silence. I still talk too much at the wrong times.  She loved her gift.  

After going shopping, putting away groceries, and dinner the fun began.

“Go get the room ready.  I need a shave and a bath before anything else happens.  I will be up in 10 minutes.  Oh, and put my plug back in.”

I scurried upstairs to ready the room and bath then reinsert the butt plug.  I was kneeling beside our bed with the necessary supplies to shave her love box when she walked in the room.  She stood in front of me stripping out her clothes all the while informing me of what I could and could NOT do while shaving her. Basically, I could touch her for shaving but nothing else.  How wonderfully frustrating!!

Once the shaving was complete I went in to reheat the bath water.   MrsL came in the bathroom and made me watch her wiggle and slither in to the tub keeping her freshly shaved pussy in my face the whole time.  When she was settled she sent me off to wait in the closet while bathing.  I spend a lot of “time out” time in the closet usually with a set time but not tonight.  So there I was, naked and plugged, nipples clamped with a clothes hanger, standing on the toes of my pedicured feet, hanging from my nipples listening to MrsL enjoy her bath.  She took her time and I waited not daring to disappoint her.  

When she finally finished in the tub I listened to her moving around the room before finally coming in to get me.  In my head it felt like an hour but was probably 20-25 minutes.  I was instantly met with something new: after being blindfolded  my noise canceling headphones were put over my ears.  I have blindfolded before and have used ear plugs but I have never been completely sensory deprived.  She completed the ensemble with the new gag I bought for her earlier that day. I was totally under her control. She reached around and gave the clamps on my nipples a hard squeeze then released each clamp.  My legs were screaming at me but I didn’t care…I was going to be MrsL’s plaything for the night.

She grabbed the leather cord from the back and placed the other hand in the small of my back to lead me out of the closet.  I was bent over the bed then there was music…not only had she found the noise canceling headphones she wanted to ensure I couldn’t hear so my iPhone playlist was added to the mix.  There was no fear…no trepidation…only the sense of being alive feeling everything magnified 1000 percent.

She played with the butt plug making sure it was securely in place with what I could only assume was duct tape then placed me on the bed and secured my arms, only. I would soon know what she wanted my legs free.   Before she let me lay there for a few minutes in my own head she pulled up one of the ear pieces and whispered in my ear: “Don’t make me punish you for moving…I will move what I want…when I want.”  With that the music returned to both ears and I was hers.

The first sensation I felt was her riding crop  tracing up and down my chest.  A gentle taping was replaced by hard lashes to each nipple sending rivers of pain coursing through my body.  To my great surprise I rolled with those rivers and did not move.  The crop made its way down to my balls where again gentle tapping gave way to full on slaps…again no movement from me.  I tried letting myself find sub space but she could sense when my body would relax ever so slightly and would make sure the next swat with the crop bit hard enough to pull me back.
I still had red welts through most of Sunday on my chest and thighs and wore them with pride.

Stay tuned for the rest of the fun…gotta run for now!!

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