Stretch wrap

MrsL and I went to the toy store last night…well if…you consider a big box retailer a toy store that is.  We had some normal stuff to purchase as we are approaching a new milestone in our marriage.  We have now lived in our current house long enough that it is beginning to need “normal” maintenance.  We typically have moved every 3-5 years since 1997, built homes for every new location, moved twice here in our current town landing in this house in 2005.  Those nagging little issues of routine maintenance now have to be handled and we are thinking about moving…go figure.  

Anyway, since it is the beginning of moving season the store had a big display of moving stuff on the main aisle to include two different sizes of stretch wrap.  MrsL stopped by the display and pointed to each of them telling me how much fun she thought they would be to have around the house.  Can’t lie….I started getting an erection right there in the store and since I was wearing running shorts and still unlocked it was obvious.  MrsL even commented that she should have locked me up so people couldn’t see when I was excited…with a laugh!  LOVE IT!!

We collected and paid for our items, including both sizes of stretch wrap, and headed home.  We were supposed to continue shopping since she put the butt plug in me before we left and she enjoys having me plugged when we are out together.  For some reason, probably because she hasn’t pegged me in over a month nor had me wearing the plug, I was having issues with pressure so she was gracious enough to cut our shopping trip short so I didn’t embarrass both of us in public.  (NOTE: plug now back in  for some extended practice).   

The fun started almost immediately as soon as we sat down on our reclining love seat.  It has matching recliners separated by a entertainment niche for remotes and cup holders.  It sets in the middle of our family room with room to walk behind.

Scolding me for not stripping as soon as we walked in the door, MrsL informed me that I was in trouble and since she couldn’t leave marks on me due to my annual physical tomorrow she was going to punish me in a way she would enjoy.

I started to stand up to get undressed.  She snapped, “I didn’t tell you to move, did I” so I sat back down.  She walked over and a engaged the recliner then walked behind and took off my t-shirt, which became a blindfold.  Walking back around to the footrest, she reached down and forcefully ripped off my running shorts.  As I heard her walking away she reiterated that I shouldn’t move.

I heard the stretch wrap being opened and very quickly felt it.  She started behind me by raising my arms above my head and rather skillfully had my wrists wrapped and secure with the smaller sized wrap She instructed me to not move my arms. I then heard her getting the larger roll ready as she moved back in front of my reclined naked body.  Placing each ankle on the side of the footrest, so my legs were spread, she began wrapping my legs securing them to the footrest.  She ran the wrap as far up the recliner as possible, effectively securing me to the recliner up to my knees.  Afterward, she found a way to use the smaller sized wrap to run it over my chest and through the recliner so I couldn’t move my torso either.  I have never been that secure!

When she was satisfied I couldn’t move she walked away and I heard her gathering things from the kitchen and laundry room. She returned and I leanred quickly she had brought back a handful of clothes pins, as they were lined across my chest starting from the nipples and extending in both directions.  Running her hand across the top of the pins gently flicking them, she mused about how long it had been since she played with them and said more for my benefit than hers how she wouldn’t wait that long again.  

I squirmed, ever so slightly, and was rewarded with a swift slap to my hopelessly exposed balls.  “I told you not to move.  Each movement results in one more swat added…so next time I will slap your balls twice.”  I meekly whispered my understanding.

MrsL then informed me of my punishment: she was going to edge me through 3 of her favorite shows from the DVR.  She reiterated the punishment for any movement and then started the first show.

I have never been so vulnerable and exposed.  Yeah we play around with bondage but this was new, creative, and horribly exciting.  The first show resulted in a dozen trips to the edge and 10 slaps on the balls…I moved 4 times. The second show resulted in 10 near misses and no more ball punishment.  I lost count of number of times MrsL edged me during the third show.  I did; however, move a couple of times resulting in an additional 11 ball slaps. MrsL held my balls in one hand and was very firm with the last 6 swats.  Learning not to move when she was applying the swats was difficult but I learned quickly.

MrsL used numerous techniques to get me to the edge: oral or manual stimulation in varying degrees then she found a new trick that made it damn near impossible to not move and maintain control.  While she held the penis in her mouth, she would swirl her tongue back & forth up and down the shaft (nothing new) but then she took her open hand and gently drew her fingernails over the balls in toward the base.  Holy cow!!  This is what caused me to move the 5th and 6th time.   I tried not to ask or otherwise beg for an orgasm…that didn’t last long.  

After the initial rush of frustration after she stops; I love the way she laughs as she says NO when I finally break down and ask for an orgasm.  I heard that laugh a lot last night!

When the last show ended and she was removing the stretch wrap she told me I had to put the plug back in as soon as got home from the doctor but was to remain unlocked.  A few minutes later we heard the garage door, perfect timing, and in walks the son and his most recent girlfriend (I guess they are back together).  Close call!

As we dozed off curled up with each other, MrsL continued her verbal teasing.  I don’t know what to expect but it should make for a great weekend!!

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