Busting out

What is it about exploring one’s desires that makes life so much more exciting?  I am not sure why.  What I do know is the past 13 months, in general, and the last 36 hours have made me feel alive again!

I have mentioned in a couple of my previous post how through our shared personal journal I have been asking MrsL to take more control of our relationship.  She is slowly moving along that path with me doing everything I can to show her what I mean whenever the opportunity presents itself. For example: the first really nice day we had last week I was able to invoke CFNM while she had our son on campus (for those new to the blog he doesn’t have a license so we are being good parents and chauffeuring him around) .  MrsL has never really said she likes me that way but I do it whenever I can.  On that day I sent her a SnapChat photo of me sitting at my desk naked and got back a note “That makes me happy!”

Well Tuesday rolled around and it was absolutely gorgeous outside. Our son was not at home, spring break….had spent the night at a buddy’s house.  MrsL was downstairs relaxing.  We had the windows up and I was sitting on boring conference calls all morning.  So what do I do…I send MrsL a SnapChat of the Steelheart resting on the waist of my sweats with the work phone sitting beside it with a note: “Conference calls are so boring.”  I get back, in rapid succession, two messages:

“It is a really nice day.”

“Why are you not naked?”

BAM!!  The first time she has ever called me on CFNM.  I was ecstatic!!  I quickly stripped and sent her confirmation.  I got back the same response:  “That makes me happy!”

I have also written in the journal that even though I am aware of most of the times I backslide on the BIG issues; not opening doors for her, not finishing laundry, going upstairs empty handed, I feel some of the old habits were creeping back in and encouraged her to be more liberal with discipline.  She is adapting quite nicely there as well.  Her favorite discipline tool is time out.  (If you are new; a time out for me is naked, clamped nipples with one of several clothes hangers, attached to the shelving in the closet keeping me either on my toes to keep the clamps from biting and pulling)  When she asks for my phone and opens the timer app I know I have been bad.  She now makes me go to the closet by myself get in position and send her a photo for proof.

Well Tuesday afternoon during lunch I interrupted her and she immediately asked for my phone.  As she handed it back to me with five minutes on the timer she told me I was to use “my favorite little blue clamps (seen below) and rope” to hang myself in the closet.  IMG_0224-0

That had to be the longest five minutes I have ever experienced. She even came up and ensured I was properly tied off, not giving myself any slack in the rope, then sat on the bed telling me why I was in time out.

The real indication she is embracing control happened yesterday.

I had to go to our local metal detector protected facility late last night to speak to some folks on 3rd shift about some things.  When I reminded MrsL of that during lunch she curtly replied, “I guess you will be getting reacquainted with the silicone then, won’t you?” which took me a bit off guard.  She hasn’t made me put on the Bon4 since the Steelheart arrived.  It is bulky, very uncomfortable, compared to the Steelheart, and I REALLY DON’T LIKE IT!

One of the many subtle comments I have made in the journal about knowing when she is in control is by her making me do stuff I don’t like…well…guess what.  She wasn’t playing.

When I came to her to unlock the Steelheart to take a shower and get dressed for work she looked me eye to eye and uttered those words:  “Don’t forget my silicone cage.”  Damn!!

After showering, I dutifully pulled out the Bon4 and went through the machinations to put it on.  I pulled a plastic seal from the stash and went downstairs for her to apply the seal.  When I asked about switching back to the Steelheart as soon as I got home all she said was “We will see when you get home” as she locked the seal in place.

I kept telling myself all night You asked for this… and resolved myself not to ask when I got home and let her make the decision as to which chastity device I would be in for the immediate future.  However, I did notice the Bon4 wasn’t fitting right.  I was too loose even though I put on the exact same base ring.

When I got home at 2:30 am I found my two night owls, MrsL and our son, pulling back in the driveway after a McDonald’s run…he was hungry.  I walked in with them and headed off to bed with them watching the end of Survivor on the DVR.  MrsL kissed me and said she would be up as soon as they finished.

When she walked in the room, I could sense a different level of energy from her and was both excited and a little afraid!  She climbed in to bed and teased me horribly all the while refusing to let me touch her pussy.  She allowed me to kiss and nibble on her breast, using my collar (leather cord with a miniature lock) to control how close I got to a breast and how long I stayed kissing and nibbling.  The combination of breath control and her keeping my mouth just out of reach of her breast at times was pure magic!  She would kiss me then suck my bottom lip deep in her mouth and begin biting all the while using a hand to pinch a nipple.  (Note: I really think she gets something out of biting because when she bites she starts grinding and thrusting her crotch against me). I still have her teeth marks on the inside of my bottom lip…both sides…this morning.  Just running my tongue over her teeth marks is making me hard.  Oh, how am I getting hard?

When she was almost finished with me; having me on my back, hands on the headboard, her stroking me through the silicone, she made the following horrible comment:

“I guess your body really does like the silicone…nothing I am doing is making you BUST OUT of it…so I think we will leave you in it for awhile.”

What??  I mean I was exhausted and had already had just had raging erection subside from her biting my lip.  I tried to offer up some justification but was silenced immediately with a finger over my mouth.

“Go to sleep.  You have 4 hours before you have to be back at work.  I want you to dream about what I am going to do to you tonight when the house is empty.”  She rolled over and was asleep in seconds.

While she was playing with her silicone encased penis there were a couple of times she got too aggressive and caused some, what’s the word, discomfort.  I didn’t think much about it until I woke up with that normal morning erection…but it felt….different.  I threw off the covers and to my horror found the Bon4 tube sitting proudly on my groin seal intact but my balls had somehow gotten out of the base ring.  Remember, I said it felt loose?  I guess it was and don’t now why.

I know I shouldn’t have but I instantly woke up MrsL.  I was apologizing, stuttering, and stammering through, “I didn’t do anything….I woke up like this….I”

Again, I was silenced with a finger over my mouth.

“I guess you don’t like it since you did BUST OUT of it.”  She curled up on my chest.

I asked her if she wanted me to put it back on and she shook her head no.

I asked her if she wanted me to put on the Steelheart and she shook her head no.

So, I sit here unlocked fantasizing about what she has planned for the night.

Funny how things work out sometimes.

One thought on “Busting out

  1. On I-85/40N around Mebane, NC there is a billboard for My Secret Closet. I am not sure what they sell but since reading your blog, I smile when I see that sign. 😉


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