A burst of energy

Sunday was pretty much a complete wash out for MrsL and I both.  I was beginning to feel better but developed a nasty little pulled muscle in my neck from coughing sometime Saturday night/early Sunday morning that kept me on the verge of a headache all day.  MrsL was definitely not feeling like doing anything either.  So, we sat and kept each other company, chatted, dozed on the love seat together, and ultimately went up to bed together.

For me, yesterday was a blur of digging through reports and preparing for an issue I have to deal with next week in the San Francisco area, oh and a few conference calls to boot, including one at 7:30 p.m. that was continued until tonight at 9:30 p.m. (oh the allure of a job with an international company…).  For MrsL, she had little bursts of energy throughout the day and for whatever reason tackled a deep cleaning of the kitchen.  She would clean, for example the refrigerator inside and out, then go sit down for an hour or so then tackle something else.  By the end of the day she was pretty exhausted.

The oldest son left to go talk to a friend to get through a rough spot (I am glad he went down that path instead of the other paths he could have taken) as my 7:30 was beginning.

MrsL decided a shower would make her feel better so I could hear her in the bathroom the whole time I was on my conference call….talk about a tease!

SIDEBAR:  I found it hilarious that after suffering through listening to MrsL in the shower I found this fantastic post by Steeled Snake last night as I was going to bed.  Great story teller!!  Shower Torture

After my call ended, I it was time for me to shower and shave.  I quickly stripped and headed to the bathroom as MrsL was blow drying her hair; hopefully, to be allowed to hug and caress her silky soft breast as I wrapped my arms around her.  But, no!!

As I walked in, MrsL turned off the hair dryer and coyly grinned and sauntered out the door.  She playfully looked back over her shoulder at one point and told me to take my time knowing I would probably break a world record for shaving and showering.

Much to my chagrin, when I left the bathroom she was not there!  I went downstairs in nothing but her Steelheart to find her setting up a show for a customer.

“Go on back up to bed.  I just got an email from an old customer wanting to be a returning customer.  I want be long.”

I walked behind her and tried to slide my hands down her neck to her breast.  She wasn’t interested.

“I told you to go to bed…”

Recently in our journal to each other I have been asking her to be more, what’s the word, dominant.  She really has turned in to a great Keyholder; teasing, denying, edging, controlling orgasms.  However; I want to explore and delve into more of a FLR.  That part she is having a tough time with for many reasons. Her upbringing as a child in a strict religious family where the Dad was in charge is the biggest hurdle.  The irony of it is that my in-laws, live a FLR and just don’t know to call it that.  My MIL is a fantastic woman but she is in charge of everything down to the clothes my FIL wears to important events.  The difference between MrsL and her Mom is MrsL only has that fiery I’m in control switch when it comes to our boys and dealing with poor customer service.

I give that little interlude above to lay the ground work for what should have been sheer panic on my part when she very curtly told me to go to bed.  I knew that tone! The message was clear: take you hands off of me and do what you were told.  

A few minutes later she was stripping out of her pj’s beside the bed against the glow of the green light from the alarm panel (sexy, huh) and the Steelheart was working brilliantly.  As she climbed in to bed and laid down on my chest she let a finger trace from the tip of my arm stretched over my head, down my rib cage, and around the base ring before gently gripping my balls.  She commented on how “tight” they seemed to be at the moment and wondered out loud if there was a problem.  Before I could say a word, she followed that comment with another  one, almost as if she was talking to no one,

“I know there is no problem…it is just my Steelheart doing its job.”

The emotions and feelings surging through my head and steel encased cock were mesmerizing.  I thought we were just going to drift off to sleep with my awesome Wife holding her locked up property with me holding her tight against my chest.  I thought!

The gentle cupping of my balls morphed in to a full on squeeze.  As her grip tightened she extended her arm stretching them to their limits.

“I just got a little burst of energy and want your tongue to get a workout.”

Kicking off the covers she rolled over dragging me up off the bed by my balls.  When she released the scrotum her had went immediately to my hair.  Taking a healthy grip she guided forced my head between her legs.

“Now put your tongue to work and I’ll let you know when I am done.”

I was overwhelmed with joy, excitement, and just a little fear.  I have wanted her to be more dominant….and I got a little taste…both figuratively and literally…and did she taste awesome last night!!!

I lost count at 5 orgasms for her. At that point they were coming in rolling waves and just a little flick or nibble as the previous one stopped pulsing would send her arching toward my mouth again.  Several times she would reach down taking a handful of hair in each hand pinning my mouth to her pussy and grind on my face…..HEAVEN!!

When she finally was sated for the evening she simply patted her hand on my pillow with a little giggle.  When I laid down, she got went back to laying on my chest and holding my balls, after collecting as much of the leaking precum as she could and making me lick her hand clean.  She was asleep within minutes.

I lay there for several minutes basking in the glory of her completely encasing my manhood, steel on the penis her hand covering my balls, thinking about just how damn lucky I am to have such an incredible woman as my Wife, Keyholder, and on the path to becoming the true Leader in our marriage!

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