I have written a few times about how incredibly simple and erotic touch can be between MrsL and me.  A couple of those posts are HERE and HERE.

The story of touch has continued this past week in a manner I never thought it would .  It is absolutely deliciously simple and sexy as hell.

Over the course of the past week MrsL has started a new nightly routine when she comes to bed.  Whether she comes to bed at the same time I do or comes up later it has become something I look forward to every night and will definitely miss when traveling.

What is it you ask?

She takes one hand and just holds the penis, when unlocked, or the balls when in the Steelheart as she falls asleep.  Nothing sexual comes from it other than I have the great pleasure of her wonderful touch.  I instantly fill with honor knowing that I have given control of my orgasms to her and the passion that has rekindled because of that surrender.

I know this may sound a bit sappy but it is how I feel and I really enjoy it immensely!


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