Emptying the tank

Even though I was not feeling well yesterday, I always make a point to give MrsL the best wake up calls.  One of the benefits of working from home when not traveling and having a boss who doesn’t micro manage, I can take breaks when needed.  Waking up MrsL is always a great break after a couple of hours of work.  I start my day at 7 so I can get caught up on emails from around the world over night and since she has her own business doesn’t get up until 9.

Her wake up usually involves a quick and light full body massage, some great and intimate kissing, and one or more orgasms for her.  She really enjoys her alarm clock…as do I.  Yesterday, the wake up call went a bit differently.

I chronicled in my last two post the great weekend I had complete with 2 orgasms.  She had mentioned after the first one that she wanted to “empty the tank” before having me lock up again.  I thanked her Tuesday morning via SnapChat for letting me remain unlocked and the second orgasm.  Her reply was awesome: “Don’t forget I plan on emptying your tank…” She didn’t reply to any other text the rest of the day…talk about a tease.

Back to yesterday morning.  I went in and started her full body massage and had progressed up to the kissing.  As I always do, I asked for permission to give her her morning orgasms to which she replied “no.” Her hand was already stroking me through my cotton pj’s (love the feel of cotton…can you tell) driving me crazy.  As she pushed me to the edge she told me to look at her (I had closed my eyes to concentrate on not having an orgasm) then asked me if I wanted to go canoeing.  I couldn’t get the pj’s off and the PA out quick enough!  As I was removing the PA, she spun around into our favorite position and had her legs up and spread with her already dripping pussy exposed and ready.  As I drove deep inside her she locked her legs around my waist and did most of the work herself…totally awesome!

As I sensed the initial tingling of a building orgasm I grabbed her thighs and began pounding rather agressively and, through labored breathing due to this lingering illness, asked for permission to have an orgasm.  She was so lost in her own feelings all she could manage was shaking her head yes.  I increased the intensity of my thrust and within seconds was balls deep, body shuddering, cock pulsing inside her.  We stayed there, her legs still wrapped around my waist with me using them for support to not collapse, for a few seconds.  That is when she decided to empty the tank.

“Put your hand down and catch all of your cum and stand up.”

When I stood up with the cum in my hand she inspected the amount and grinned: “One more should just about empty you out. You can clean your hand while I have fun.” 

I almost didn’t get my hand to my mouth quick enough but I didn’t want to disappoint her by spilling any of the cum.  Thankfully I didn’t lose any.

While I was licking my hand clean; she immediately took both hands, one on the semi erect shaft the other around the balls, and began stroking me again.  The sensations that ran through my body were a mixture of intense pleasure and panic (I guess the term for this is polishing…not sure).  She has only done this to me three or four times and it drives me wild.  She has never done it to the point of a second orgasm.  This time would be different.

Alternating between rapid strokes and taking me deep in her mouth she had me on the verge of a second orgasm in no time. In retrospect, I am shocked at my age that my body responded the way it did especially the way I felt physically.  I am not complaining just pleasantly surprised!

She didn’t wait for me to ask telling me I had exactly one minute to cum when she was ready.  At that point, I dind’t need a minute.  The fantastic sensation of the orgasm was there: the cock pulsing, the groin muscles contracting, the euphoria from the endorphins rushing through my body.  What was missing was the ejaculate to match…it barely covered the center of her palm.  As she gloriously milked every last drop I stood there watching in awe of her complete control thinking just how confident and sexually erotic she has become over the last 13 months.

As she offered her hand up to me for cleaning:

“You are going to call the doctor and go see her today before this gets any worse. As soon as you get home from the doctor I will lock you back in the Steelheart. Now get back to work.”

“What about your morning orgasms, Princess?”

“I feel awesome right now and don’t want one…get back to work!”

She checked her hand to ensure it was clean then got up and sached in to the bathroom.  I love watching her walk away from me, especially when she is naked!  

All of this in just over 20 minutes…a great wake up call.

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