Multiple Orgasms…Part II

After working out, I met MrsL and our youngest son at a local Ulta.  Our youngest has some of the worst cowlicks on his head that his hair grows in 4 different directions at the front of his scalp.  Since he had a choice he has always kept it cut short, crew cut short, until now.  We are not sure if there is a young lady prodding him to keep his hair longer or if he is just growing up.  Either way, MrsL is very happy about this development.  So, MrsL wanted to take him to her stylist for a professional cut.  Normally; although she taught herself, she cuts all of our hair and does a damn good job.  However, she really wanted to watch someone else tackle those cowlicks the first time.  Ultimately, you just have to go with what the hair wants to do so he has a very nice full head of hair with a trendy part on the right side.  I know guys who would kill to have the style he is wearing…his is almost all natural.

It has been a few weeks since MrsL’s last mani/pedi so after I met up with them she went to a new salon and we grabbed smoothies and went home.  Me and the boy sat around, chatted, and watched some British Premier League football before he decided he wanted to disappear up the other tv in my office and catch up on all of the shows we have DVR’d for him.  I took a showere after the last BPL match and threw on a pair of grey cotton shorts (think old school gym shorts) and a t-shirt.  MrsL likes me to be commando when not in the Steelheart so I was just in the shorts and shirt.

After the shower,  I sat on the couch and dozed until I heard the garage door signaling MrsL’s arrival back home.  I was very anxious to see just how good this new salon was and how awesome her feet were.  I was very pleased.  When she sat down and put her feet in my lap I got an immediate and noticeable erection.  Silky soft smooth heels and soles giving way to toes perfectly painted with deep purple polish made my heart race and the penis misbehave.  MrsL noticed and decided to take full advantage of the situation.  She pointed to the floor and simply held up one foot to my mouth while stroking me through the cotton shorts with the other.  I worshipped one then the other all while she played with the burgeoning penis with the other.  Things ended abruptly when we heard footsteps coming down the stairs.  

No matter what age they are your kids have a way of always having damn near perfect timing to ruin a hot moment!
I had to go change in to a new pair of cotton shorts as there was such large wet spot on the original pair. Luckily I have several pair so it wasn’t quite so obvious I had changed.  For the remainder of the afternoon and evening everyone just hung out and talked and watched tv.  For some reason MrsL and I were both exhausted so not much happened.  There was some playful sexting, including her sending me pictures of her feet, but not much else.  I went to bed early and unfortunately did not wake up when she came to bed.  

Sunday morning I woke up around 8 to find her beautiful naked body uncovered and very inviting.  She has a standing rule that I can wake her up anytime and so I invoked that rule.  Before doing anything, I removed the curved barbell!  I knelt at the end of the bed and began licking the entire length of her right foot sucking the big toe deep in my mouth letting my tongue swirl around the toe.  I then nibbled and lightly chewed on the instep and arch before turning my attention to the left foot repeating the same pattern.  She roused and began rubbing the free foot on my cheek driving me wild. When she hooked a foot behind my head and began pulling me toward her pussy I nearly had an orgasm.  When my head got within reach she took a handful of hair and pulled me all the way up fact to face.  

“You know what you have to do before you can use your tongue on me.  I want an orgasm so you need to cum inside me now!” 

MrsL swung around on the bed so I could stand up with her legs on my shoulders…the perfect position for me to kneel down immediately to clean her out.  I wasted no time sliding my throbbing cock inside her warm and wet pussy.  It only took a few deep thrust before I was on the verge of an orgasm.  Knowing I already had permission to have an orgasm I went full on animal mode was filling her with my cum in not time.  No sooner than she felt the last pulse of the penis inside her she began applying pressure on my shoulders with her legs forcing me to my knees.  

“I want my orgasm…and when I get up I don’t want to have to worry about your cum leaking out of me.”

It had been nearly three weeks since my last orgasm so there was a lot to clean up.  I must not have been as deep inside her as I thought because most of the cum was already spilling out through her swollen vaginal lips.  With a bit of hesitation, based on the last time and the different taste, I placed my tongue at the bottom of her pussy and licked up through her clit taking 3 big gulps as I did,triggering the first of several strong orgasms for MrsL.   Thankfully, the salty slightly sweet taste I had been accustomed to and craved was back!!  I gleefully made sure she would not have to worry about of my cum leaking out of her all the while giving her three more powerful orgasms.  As her clit was giving up its final little pulses she took a foot and pushed me away from the bed, got up, told me to stay where I was, and went to the bathroom.  I remained kneeling there waiting until she came back and sat on the side of the bed. 

She motioned me to the side of the bed with a finger pointing to the spot in front of her.  

“It appears you accomplished my wishes.  I am going to let you remain unlocked because I may want more of that later.”  She pulled me up to my feet, kissing me deeply, then got up threw on some pj’s and left the room.

The youngest son headed back off to school as MrsL left to go to a sales show, owning a home based sales business means weekend shows at times, and me and the oldest went to a local college baseball game.  The evening was uneventful with the exception of me giving her a nice long foot massage when she got home.  

Later that night when she came to bed she pounced on me like a tigress on prey!  She grabbed the penis stroking it to a full erection then ordered me to remove the PA.  When you my hands clear she straddled me taking my rigid cock in her hand and forcefully slammed herself down the shaft. 

“That is what I need to feel…stiff as a flagpole.  You have permission to cum.” 

She began riding with with strong agressive thrust.  I truly believe she went deeper than ever before.  With each upstroke she flexed her kegels creating a vice like grip around the shaft,  rising just to the point of the head coming out of her, then slamming herself back down again.  I lasted longer than I thought I would and allowing her to achieve that ever elusive orgasm from sex.  My whole body shuddered with the first major contraction of the cock.   Even having an orgasm that morning, my cock contracted and pulsed 4 or 5 times depositing cum deep inside her.

“Now that is the type of reaction I expect from your body. when I let you have an orgasm…wasn’t it better than this morning?” 
All I could do was shake my head.  As she rose up off of the rapidly deflating penis she put a hand over her pussy.

“You know the rules” was all she had to say.  I wiggled my way to where my mouth was under her hand, cum seeping through her fingers, touching my tongue to the back of her hand.  When she moved her hand it was like a dam bursting and struggled to keep up. She ground her pussy on my face smearing our mixed juices everywhere as she had several rolling orgasms.  When she finally collapsed beside me she took a finger to my cum slickend face and made sure I didn’t miss any there before squeezing any remaining cum from my limp shaft, making me lick her fingers clean.. 

Neither us said another word falling asleep bodies intertwined.  Such a great weekend!

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