Multiple Orgasms….Part 1

Getting home early Friday provided a great start to my and MrsL’s weekend.  We couldn’t be as adventurous as either of us wanted because both of the boys were at home.  I don’t remember getting so many breaks when I was in college but the school where my youngest is attending has several each semester.

MrsL had been teasing me ever since I left the house Wednesday via SnapChat about what she wanted to do to me and I was extremely horny.  Even at my age, after a particularly lengthy phone conversation and down right evil and erotic SnapChat session Thursday night, I woke up at some point on the verge of a nocturnal emission (wet dream for those playing along at home) involving her feet.  I am glad I woke up!  I would not want to have to explain that to her…even though the triggering dream was about her and her wonderful feet!  I never want to break that trust she has given me with an unauthorized orgasm…even if it comes from a wet dream!

As Friday turned to evening with the oldest at work and the youngest upstairs playing video games MrsL picked up, in person, where she had left off Thursday night with the teasing: reaching over and stroking me to an erection through my sweats, taking a finger and tracing it around the base of my neck up and around the ears, having me stand in front of her giving her full access for light kicks to the balls (I love me some CBT!) or simply sending me SnapChat messages telling me how she was going to “fill me up and completely drain me both at some point this weekend.”   After the CBT, she wanted a foot massage so I sat down on the love seat and massaged her feet.  I told her about the near wet dream and she simply replied: “You may get to live out that dream this weekend.” I couldn’t stand it.

Unfortunately, I had eaten something earlier in the day that had my stomach a bit upset so we had to put off her pegging me for the weekend.  It just wasn’t comfortable.  However, she kept her promise to drain me completely.

When she sent me off to bed, she gave me instructions to “do what I needed to do to go canoeing” which means removal of the PA jewelry.  I am still not comfortable leaving it out for any extended period of time, since I just gauged to a 6, so I was going to remove it as she came upstairs.  Well, I fell asleep and the next thing I know I am waking up to the glorious sensation of MrsL sucking my rock hard erection deep in her mouth.  She sucked and stroked me to three near orgasms then crawled up my body with an evil sneer:

“I guess you don’t want to go canoeing tonight since you didn’t follow my instructions. You will just have to wait until later.” She rolled over and wouldn’t even let me caress her body as we fell asleep.  When I snuggled in behind her and wrapped my arm over her so I can lightly caress and play with her nipples she grabbed my hand and threw her arm over mine, pinning it in place, and without saying another word fell asleep preventing me from touching her.  I don’t know what was more frustrating but since I didn’t follow her instructions I deserved the punishment.

The next morning, with the house quiet, we took our normal alone time in our bed.  I remembered to remove the PA ring before I started showering her body with gentle warm kisses from the base of her neck to the soles of her feet.  As she woke up she reached for the penis and simply grinned when she found the ring not there.  She rolled, took my head and placed it on her pussy and of course received three or four orgasms.  When she was sated she told me to stand up beside the bed and she deftly nibbled and sucked me back to a full erection.  With my stiff cock in her hand she pulled me on top of her, opening her legs wide, and slid me inside of her!  Oh the feeling!!

How is it that she can keep me on edge with her hands, feet, and mouth for hours but as soon as I enter her warm wet pussy I lose all control.  I had to stop several times because she was quite clear that she would tell me when I could cum.  When I started whimpering and asked for permission all she said was “of course but you WILL clean me out.”  Now, don’t get me wrong I love cleaning her out.  But for some reason, something switched off at that very instant and within a few seconds the once raging hard on easily sliding in and out of her love box went FLAT!   The last full orgasm I had and consumed was, in a word, different.  I don’t know why…it just had a different taste that memory flashed through my mind and I chose not have an orgasm.

MrsL lovingly called me on it when I asked her if I could give her another orgasm.

“You will not be allowed to give me an orgasm until you have cum inside me and cleaned me up, end of discussion.”  Later as I was getting ready to go to CrossFit we discussed it and I tried the excuse of “waiting too long to ask” and she was having none of it.  She again called me on it:

“You chose not to have an orgasm and you know what has to happen before you get to pleasure me.  Now go work out!”  Then she added,   “Oh, by the way, you have my permission to have an orgasm inside me anytime this weekend…you just know what has to happen when you do, right?” 

I sheepishly shook my head in agreement and walked out to my car with a slight bulge.  Luckily it subsided in the 6 minutes it takes to drive to my gym.

To Be Continued


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