Locked and horny

So MrsL has left me unlocked for a long time and during that time she has teased me like crazy…even giving me full orgasms a couple of times. The most recent was early Sunday morning.  Having full on PIV sex is amazing especially when she has me doing push-ups on top of her while she … More Locked and horny

Sent to time out

 So, I screwed up and walked over to kiss MrsL goodnight and without thinking reached up, caressed her neck, and let my hand slide down inside her blouse. She didn’t stop me and reacted as she normally does….and then!  When I stood up from kissing her, she is working on her computer, the look told … More Sent to time out


Tumblr is a great little respite.  I really enjoy Thumper’s portfolio and found this little gem this morning.  How hot is this? Last night I was watching college wrestling so I decided to explore Tumblr a bit this morning and found this…WOW! I guess I am going to have to set up a Tumblr account … More Tumblr