Finally…back out traveling

After a nearly 3 week bout of bronchitis I am back on the road again…if only for 3 days. I was beginning to get cabin fever.

I guess I have been good enough while at home because MrsL unlocked me when she came to bed and told me I could leave the Steelheart at home!! I love that I have earned her trust but still want to find an airport friendly device. Oh, and she finished off the anniversary present of edging me 27 times after unlocking me. I guess you could call it a rather effective milking session as there was a nice little puddle of cum for her to feed me when she finished.  Number 27 was so damn close I thought she was actually going to give me an orgasm. But, as soon as “please” escaped from my lips she stopped, gave me a kiss, and announced “27”!  One more gentle kiss from her came with “sweet dreams…to be continued at some point in the future.” 

So back to airport friendly devices. Yeah I know all I need to do is put the Steelheart in my carry on bag then put it on once through security…I guess I am not that adventurous!  

Back to the question at hand. I know Steelwerks Extreme uses titanium which is supposed to be metal detector friendly; however, a 100% titanium device would probably be costly. So, what about other options. I have found a couple of “custom” made plastic/nylon devices.  Does anyone have any experience with Custom Chastity devices? They appear similar to  Evotion Wearables with a few minor changes. 

Aesthetically, I like the Custom Chastity PA device a little more because of the option to add a base ring. I fear a PA only tube, regardless of material, would be too heavy and pull too much! 

Either way, I found a working example of a 3D printer at a local Staples and am going to show MrsL how they work this weekend. She is not sold on how secure a “printed” device will be so hopefully her seeing some items printed by one will help. 

Thanks in advance for any feedback on either of the other options. 

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