Back on the edge

After 8 days in the Steelheart, I found a minor little irritation just behind the head when MrsL let me out to shave.  I was allowed to stay out for the day.

MrsL suspended her anniversary present back when I was struggling with bronchitis at 8 near orgasms; informing me she would begin when I was healthy again.  Well, last night  when she came to bed with her toy out of its steel cage she decided it was time to revisit the anniversary present.  As I snuggled in behind her, the penis already exposing my horniness, MrsL quickly rolled over gripping me in her hand.  

“Oh, this is nice and hard. It would be a shame to waste it now wouldn’t it?  Let’s see how close I can get to 27 tonight!”

Pinning my right arm between her legs and my left hand on the headboard with a stern warning not to move it, she gleefully and slowly stroked up and down the shaft with a feather light touch until I was humping the air on the edge of an orgasm.  Knowing my body intimately she released her light grip while at the same time sucking and chewing on my bottom lip. Laying there, whimpering like a puppy separated from its mom, she whispered in my ear: “that is number 9…ready for number 10?”

Over the next hour she took me to the edge of orgasm 8 more times stopping at a total of 17.  Two of the most memorable ones:  biting on one nipple, squeezing on the other nipple with just the head in her mouth gently swirling her tongue and one hand wrapped around the top of my balls pulling them down away from the body while she lightly tapped on trapped balls….intense & awesome!  When I would start whimpering and moaning she would say things like: “that’s it…let it out,” or “that desperation in your voice is so sexy”. 

At one point she reached up taking my left hand in her right hand.  She had just deftly stopped stroking me to another trip to the edge and the penis was standing at full attention and twitching.  She took our intertwined hands and let them come to rest on the head…allowing the hands to part slightly…so the head was in between our palms.  Then she spoke:

“You are out of the cage…there is absolutely no reason for your hands to ever touch my cock…unless I am holding your hand.  If you ever touch it without my permission or while I am not holding your hand…you will not like the discipline that results from that touch.”  She released my hand; unexpectedly, and I quickly jerked my hand away.  After the last spanking I don’t want to know how severe an errant touch would be.

When she reached 17 she rolled over.  “Only 10 more to go until your reward.”

“Princess, are you saying there is a chance of an orgasm at 27?”

“There may be an orgasm…or there may not.  I haven’t decided.  Now go to sleep. You are going to need your energy in the morning for your workout.”  She was asleep in moments leaving me hard, horny, and struggling to not touch the penis.

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