A little spark…

Even though I woke up this morning feeling like the bronchitis has dug in for a new offensive on my bronchial tubes; there was some positive news on the chaste cyclist libido last night.  

For most of the afternoon and late in to the evening I was very jumpy, on edge, almost angry (blaming it on the full week of steroids) and was not sleepy at my regular time. I sat up with MrsL until nearly midnight.  We crawled in to bed and coiled around each other which was relaxing in and of itself.  Her super soft feet began stroking up and down my legs and I felt it…just a faint little twitch…but it was there.  MrsL must have sensed it as well because she rolled over an pounced. 

She rolled me on my back putting my hands on the head board with firm instructions to not move.  Her wonderfully electric fingernails slid down both arms through pits, which usually has me squirming like a worm on hot pavement, then down my rib cage.  While there was a bit of that “spark” when she did that my body didn’t fully let me know it was almost ready for her touch.  

I hadn’t noticed she had placed a knee ever so delicately against the Steelheart.  As she continued marking my ribs with her nails and alternating between playful chewing on my nipples there was a bit of a twitch from my trapped manhood.  She giggled: “There’s the reaction I am used to getting.”  

For the next few minutes she played with the Steelheart and my balls even letting her tongue flick the CBR sticking out of the tube (which was the best part!! πŸ™‚ ) . There was an attempted erection inside the steel but nowhere near as strong as usual but that is okay. As she sensed my body was giving up she kissed my neck and let me know she was very happy.  

Damn, I LOVE HER!!  

Of course, when I was allowed to move I immediately asked if I could please give her the rest of her Valentine’s orgasms and was met with a prompt and stern: “No, I am off limits until you are better…oh and that doens’t count as one of my 27 edges for you either. You are still at only 7…20 more to go.” She rolled over holding my hand so I didn’t get a chance to caress her nipples…which always puts her in a playful mood.

DAMN, did I say how much I LOVE HER already!!??

Today is the last day of steroids so hopefully by tomorrow or Thursday her touch will send me in to full on chaste ecstasy again and we can have a fun/exciting weekend!!

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