The UnValentine Day

Not a very catchy title but it fits.

MrsL and I rarely celebrate Valentine’s Day.  I mean with our anniversary only 3 days prior I would rather shower her with attention on that day and not wait.  (Who am I kidding, I shower her with attention every day!)  Yesterday was no different.  

We actually spent most of the day apart.  Our youngest son needed a few things at school and since I still wasn’t feeling up to a 6 hour round trip, MrsL got up and took him his “stuff.”  She also took him and his new roommate out to lunch.  His other roommate didn’t make his grades and was suspended for a semester and after making him “tear” down his room to the base set (or have to pay for a private room) they gave him a new roommate about 3 weeks back.  When told us his new roommate was openly gay he was, for some reason, worried we wouldn’t like him or want him to move out.  Neither one of us know why he felt this way but WE DON’T.  People are people and can love who they love.  End of story.  My sister, after struggling for decades, finally came out.  We all knew.  Three of my fraternity brothers, two of which were in our wedding, finally came out. We all knew.  The point is: being who they are openly and honestly improved their lives and their happiness.  I still love them for who they are!

Anyway, back to the story.

I actually used the day to pace myself through laundry and cleaning the house.  It was good to be “semi active” vacuuming, dusting, and such even with random bouts of coughing.  By the end of the day it was catching up with me and I crashed on the couch for about an hour. Her call woke me up.  She brought home take out and we sat and chatted about her day as we ate.  

It had been a few weeks since her last full on hubby provided foot care so I pulled out the buffer and foot treatment butter and went to work.  She loved it, as did I, especially the foot massage. Afterwards, she sent me off to shower and shave.  I haven’t shaved in 3 or 4 days and we were both going crazy.  When I came back down she tried to pick up with her anniversary present to me…being edged 27 times.  UNFORTUNATELY, all of these meds have killed my libido especially the prednisone. 

I first noticed it Friday.  Her touch should have me rapidly filling the Steelheart and it wasn’t.  After trying for nearly an hour complete with nipple attention, her sucking on my balls, and even some breath play there was just no spark in the furnace.  I looked up the side effects of the steroid and ticked off a list of about 6 or 7 I was having including: heart pounding out of your chest, reduced urine output, increased hunger, and loss of sexual performance/desire.  Well damn! I commented how this was 1000 times more frustrating than being denied made her laugh and comment: “Well when you are down with medicine I will have no mercy on you.”  

We sat there for about an hour watching a Hallmark Valentine’s Day movie when she commented about having to watch the commercials.  I slid down in front of her beginning to caress the inside of her thighs. I might not be able to respond to her touch but my submissive mind knows how to treat her.  She leaned back in her recliner closed her eyes and began to quietly purr.  I told her that she could hit record and I would finish watching it with her tomorrow without the commercials, if she wanted to, and I would give her my Valentine’s gift to her: a dozen fantastic orgasms!

I took her upstairs to the guest bedroom I had prepared earlier.  The room was dark with the low flickering of candles creating dancing sillouhettes around the room.  As I removed each piece of clothing that area got very special attention from my hands and mouth.  The back of her neck was nuzzled as her sweater came over her head. As her breast fell from her bra they were captured in my hands.  While I kissed the back of her neck I gently massaged her breast in my hands.  I moved in front of her, kissing down her midline, until I was kneeling and began to remove her jeans.  I kissed and nibbled down each leg slowly removing her wool socks kissing the top of each foot as she stepped out of her jeans.  I worshipped her entire body before even letting a finger touch her swollen and wet sex.

When I finally started with one hand on each foot tracing up the inside of her thighs;  she collapsed on the bed as the back of my hands alternately brushed over her clit.

For the next hour or so I gave her body the joy it richly deserves.  She has never “ridden” my tongue until last night.  She has been vocal before, in a subdued kind of moaning and purring, until last night.  Each orgasm built off of the last and had her riding my tongue and being very very vocal and loud.  I thought we would wake the neighbors at one point.   When she reached a half dozen, the last one pulsing forever it seemed, she asked to have the other half tomorrow.  I obliged and retrieved her pajamas.  As she walked to our room, with that glow of happiness all around her, I put the guest room back in place (don’t want to tip off the son) then crawled in bed beside her.  

We full asleep…happy and content!

Around 5:30 she woke up with a huge cramp in her quad.  I went and got her a bottle of water and tried to massage it out, which took about 30 minutes. She thinks she pulled something…who knows…?  All I know is I LOVE HER and enjoy worshipping her body!  Happy UnValentine’s Day!!

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