The best medicine

Over the past two weeks I have felt like absolute crap.  I deal with bronchitis 2 or 3 times a year, probably related to my time in the gulf during Operation Desert Shield/Storm with all of those burning oil wells, and it is no fun.  Most bouts last 5-7 days; however, this one has hung on for nearly two full weeks.  

I have had my fill of medicines:  two antibiotics, after an allergic reaction to the first one, two different inhalers, one mega dose of steroids injected in my right ass cheek, a step down steroid pack, a nasal mist steroid, and those magic little pearl anti coughing pills have kept me sane.  Even with all of this, my interaction with and submission to Her always makes me feel better. 

This morning, I gave her two great orgasms as an alarm in between conference calls.  She loves her alarm clock when I am at home.  Throughout the day she kept checking on me to see how I was feeling and if I had been able to talk to my boss.  When I did hear from him, I got the best medicine once I told MrsL I was able to cancel my trip due to this lingering illness.

 As she was running her fingers up and down my chest under my shirt while she had me standing beside her chair:

“Well I guess since you aren’t getting on a plane and traveling next week you need to go lock up right now.  I wasn’t going to make you put it on and take it off 48 hours later…now I want you back in my Steelheart!” 

That, by itself, was the best medicine I have received during this whole time.  It truly lets me know she is my Keyholder and  LOVES ME enough to do what she wants with my orgasms!!

I ran upstairs, took a quick shower, and put the Steelheart back on before going downstairs to allow her to lock it.  She smiled gleefully as she set the tumbler.  “Now I can finish my anniversary present…edging you is so much more fun when you are locked up.”

She really is the best Keyholder!

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