Happy Anniversary

So, it has been rather quiet around here this week with my bout of on going bronchitis keeping me short of breath and coughing.  I am feeling better but still can’t do anything remotely physical without sputtering like an old tractor trying to crank up after a long winter.

MrsL’s anniversary present of edging me 27 times between Sunday and yesterday had gotten up to 10 and each time I was left gasping for air, both from her newly found expertise with different techniques as well as a heavy chest, so she put that on hold.  When she came to bed last night and asked how I felt I got the best present ever.

After some wonderful foreplay she took the CBR out of my piercing and said the four best words in the English language: “make love to me.”

I was able to, thanks to becoming short of breath, make things last longer than usual.  Crisscrossing her nails across my back creating that incredible sensation of pleasure wrapped in pain helped keep things rigid. After several minutes of slow rhythmic thrust, alternating between shallow entry and deep thrust, MrsL scratched up my rib cage, around to my nipples, and clamped down on each one.  Having my nipples squeezed during an orgasm drives me crazy and last night was no different.  As I increased the tempo, MrsL simply said “yes” and increased the pressure on my nipples.  

Even after having one full and one stifled orgasm on Sunday, I guess the edging really does make a difference for me.  This orgasm was as strong and forceful as the last one.   She loves it when my body shudders and shakes when she allows me to have an orgasm…especially so during full on sex!

As I lay on top of her legs intertwined with our feet caressing each other, I got a kiss on the cheek and a “Happy Anniversary, my love.”  

I was completely drained at that point.  When I tried to start kissing down her body to give her many glorious orgasms I started coughing (talk about spoiling the mood) MrsL was having none of it.  

“You need your rest.  This was my present to you.  I Love You.”  

Wow, I am a lucky guy for sure!!!

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