Pleasing MrsL

I hate being sick.  I am miserable and grumpy.  In the past I would be especially grumpy with MrsL and when I think back on it there was really no good reason…other than being sick.

The past 48 hours have been satisfyingly different from my perspective and MrsL even commented.

Yes, I am wheezing, coughing, and generally fatigued from bronchitis but I have been aware of my mood and have made a concerted effort to continue treat MrsL like a Princess.  Of course, the anniversary present she gave me is on a bit of a hiatus as it is no fun coughing while being taken to the edge of  an orgasm.  I have been consistent in my daily duties, or attempting them, and MrsL has been consistent in telling me I need to rest…even to the point of kicking me out of the kitchen when I try to take over and do the dishes. 

I have leanred more about myself and keeping my wonderful Wife happy over the past year.

Last night, when she came to bed all I wanted to do was cuddle in to her and fall back asleep.  However, the caveman brain took over…just a bit…and I started caressing her body.  Even though she had told me there would be no kissing until I was better her body completely relaxed and melted back in to me.  I took that as a welcome clue and continued letting my hands produce wonderfully exciting and erotic sounds from her body.  I had just taken one of those little “anti coughing” pills so I was able to focus on her.

As she rolled over to give me full unfettered access to her beautiful curvaceous body she said “someone is misbehaving right now…but it is making me happy.”

Legs intertwined with her soles blissfully stroking my legs, I traced from the mound of her pussy up to an erect nipple across to the other nipple then back down to her rapidly expanding clit.  I would take the palm of my hand and gently grind her sex, causing her to arch her back in to my hand, while taking small love bites around the base of each breast (another little thing I have leanred about her…nibbling and playful bites send her in to a purring moaning mess).  When she gave me permission to give her an orgasm I was ecstatic.

Trailing love bites and kisses down her body, I stopped with my chest resting on her groin and would put my hands at her waist and as I pushed my chest in to her, as if thrusting in to her, my hands slide up her body over her breast and up around  her neck to behind her ears…the most erogenous area on her body.  As my mouth slid down and my tongue parted her lips she let out the sexiest sounds driving me crazy.  A slow circling motion alternating with rapid flicks with my tongue had her at the peak of orgasms rather quickly.  Her body really rewards her with strong powerful orgasms and having her pulsing clit in my mouth is a great reward for me as well.

As much as I wanted to continue my body was starting to rebel so I crawled back in bed beside her and was rewarded again, but not how you think.

“That was absolutely fantastic…the best one ever” she said tracing a finger around my nipples.  

She then traced down to the head of the penis and with gentle pressure milked all of the precum on to her fingers and brought them to my mouth.  After sucking her fingers clean, we drifted off to sleep.

Pleasing MrsL, in all ways, is my goal in life.  

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