The big game

MrsL and I tried several different “games” in all of our prior attempts at chastity and none of them really worked.  To say she completely took me off guard when she told me yesterday morning the “game” she wanted to play for the big game last night would be a huge understatement. I was excited and scared.  I mean our Panthers, yes we are Panthers fan but being from Tennessee I am a Peyton fan so I wanted him to win, have been averaging 35 points per game.  That is 7 scores if they were all touchdowns! What was her game:  for every Panther’s score she was going to give me an orgasm….of her choosing!!!

Okay, I have to admit that in my habitual masturbation days there were plenty of days when I would jack off 3 or 4 times over a 12-18 hour period. The possibility of 7 in under 5 hours was fun to think about but a bit scary.

I was folding laundry as the Panthers scored their only touchdown and was trying desperately to not look over at MrsL but as soon as I finished she said:

“If you want any time to recover between scores you better get your ass over here” pointing to the loveseat.  That is when the other shoe dropped.

As soon as the commercials during that particular break ended with me naked from the waist down and her gloriously sucking on my rigid cock….she stopped.

“Did you really think I was going to do this during the game…and miss any of the action?  You get all of your orgasms after the game…so just think about it.  And” as she was pulling my sweats back up, “the extra points after the touchdowns count as a separate score.” An evil little smile curled on her lips.

For the rest of the game my heart raced every time the Panthers mounted a potential scoring drive.  To say I am disappointed that they only scored 10 points….well…hell yeah!

As time expired she told me to stand up and strip.  After helping me remove my sweats she shoved me back down on the love seat and began.  “So, one touchdown, one extra point, and one field goal…that is three.  This is going to be so much fun…”

She took me to the edge 3 or 4 times before finishing off the first orgasm…a combination of oral and fingernails…incredible!

Even after being allowed a full orgasm a little over 12 hours earlier I was surprised at just how much cum there was.  She gleefully scooped it all up offering me her cum slicked fingers and palm.  As I was cleaning her hand, she started sucking on just the head sending me into a convulsing mess.

“Don’t you dare spill any of that cum…”

I was in physical and erotic chaos.  The glory of sucking my cum off of her fingers horribly balanced against the sheer physical overload of her sucking on the sensitive head of my cock was almost overwhelming…almost.

MrsL continued her beautiful sexual torture deftly using lips, tongue, teeth, fingernails, and hands until I was right on the edge. As my balls tensed in her hand, giving away the coming orgasm, she stopped everything and clamped her hand around the base of my shaft.  REALLY!!  The look on my face had to be one of mass confusion.

“Oh, that does work” she laughed as the penis contracted and pulsed trying to force the orgasm past the dam she had put in place.   “I have read about stifling your orgasms but didn’t really think it would work…I like this…”

As she released her grip, the cock pulsed a couple of times producing a tiny little rivulet of cum oozing out of the head eliciting a wonderfully sexy oooohhh it is trying to escape from her.  That has to be the most frustrating and humbling of the three types of orgasms.

She traced the little string of cum on a finger and put it up to my mouth and I gladly licked it off.  MrsL stood up and told me I had 5 minutes to recover and went in to kitchen.  I don’t know when she brought the lubricant downstairs  When she came back with the lubricant and tried to start the wonderful trip to number 3 I winced…even with the lube.  I mean the penis has not had that much stimulation in over a year.

“Are you sore?”

“Yes, Princess…I am sorry..”

“No need to apologize…I will just finish this later.  You get to stay out of the Steelheart until I finish…” then she dropped another bombshell on me….

“You know that our anniversary is this week, right,” she didn’t wait for an answer, ” it has been 27 wonderful years so I am giving you my anniversary present now….I am going take you to the edge 27 times between now and then.”  She paused and smiled…

“Oh, I know I can get you to the edge of an orgasm while in your Steelheart so as soon as I get my third orgasm for the Panthers score you will be locked back up, understand.”

My face must have contorted:  “Oh, I love that look on your face…a mix of joy and absolute frustration at the same time…it is so damn sexy.”

She grabbed my sweats, throwing them in my face, and told me to go to bed because “you have to work in a few hours.”

The first real game was incredibly fun.  I can’t wait for the next game.

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