It has been a long week.  However; as one week ended and a new one began, MrsL firmly established who is in charge by breaking me to the point of begging.

I decided when we started down this path that I would never get to the point of begging to be let out of the Steelheart or beg for an orgasm.  I thought it would be counterproductive and would truly be surrendering control of my orgasms to MrsL.  For the most part, I have been able to stick with that decision even though MrsL has told me she would get me to the point of begging and never look back. I can remember only one other time sometime last summer when I broke down and truly was begging her to let me cum…until last night!

If you haven’t already read my last post entitled “Playtime” you should start there.  The past two nights have been carbon copies of each other.  The only thing different was the length of time.

The evening started at our rescheduled date night dinner at a local restaurant.  Even with a reservation we had to wait about 20 minutes so we went to the bar for a drink while we waited.  There was a guy sitting by himself at the bar that talked our ears off for the 20 minutes about everything from self directed 401k’s to real estate investment to “finding your niche” in life.  I mean he never stopped talking.

I swear he was flirting with MrsL because he only looked at me a couple of times and commented on her key charm necklace more than once.  MrsL has made it perfectly clear many times that she is not interested in the slightest in flirting with other guys because she is “a one man woman” but I so wanted her to flirt with him because he was kind of hot!  Mid 30’s, well built, and very sure of himself.  At one point he turned toward us, legs wrapped around the bar stool, crotch in plain view.  Me being the ever so curious guy I am glanced at his crotch to find a nice large bulge in his jeans.  I don’t know this to be a fact but I would say he was all commando as there didn’t appear to be anything restraining his cock from expanding.  I sure would have loved to have found out for sure.  The Steelheart was filling up rapidly as this happened forcing me to try to subtlety rearrange.  Since bar guy was facing us now and I was in between him and MrsL he definitely noticed me adjust as I caught his eyes glance down toward my crotch.  He flashed a sexy smile as noticed I was staring at his burgeoning cock outlined in those jeans. Luckily, or unluckily depending on your point of view, our little buzzer went off at that point and the guy (no we never got his name) said “oh, looks like they are ready for you…too bad we can’t talk some more…enjoy your dinner.”

At our table, MrsL and I talked about him for a little bit and I chided her for not flirting with him.  Since she was having a cocktail that was all alcohol, and she rarely if ever drinks, she was just tipsy enough (yes after one 8 oz drink) to play along…but not too much.  All she would say was he was good looking and if she wanted to flirt with him she would have.  She did casually comment about two things: him noticing her key charm and me having to adjust because of his bulge…(YES she saw it too!!!).  She thought both were “interesting.”

But I digress.

After dinner and a trip to the grocery store to buy snacks for today’s big game, Go Broncos, we found ourselves in our comfy pj’s on the love seat watching who knows what.  While at dinner and in the grocery store she skilfully and deftly touched or caressed me in ways that kept me energized.  A stocking covered foot underneath the table playing with the Steelheart (I love restaurants with full tablecloths) let me know she was in a very playful mood during dinner.  Gently tracing a finger up and down my back and ribs as we shopped confirmed she was in full on tease mode.  She even commented, walking down the frozen aisle devoid of customers, as a single finger ran up and down my ass how she enjoyed watching me react to even the slightest touch from her

I say watching who knows what because I gave her a wonderful foot massage for most of the evening.  Sitting on the floor with her feet in my lap massaging, nibbling on her toes, and chewing on the arches of her feet (which I have found out drives her crazy) was a perfect follow up to dinner.  I make it a point to try and always be looking up at her while I take care of her feet.  It reaffirms my commitment to her.  She will throughout the foot massage glance down and smile but for the most part enjoys whatever is on the television as I pay attention to her feet.  I thought I had done something wrong when she all of a sudden sat up in the recliner and told me to sit down beside her. Boy was I wrong.

“It’s now my turn to play” as she turned on a Hallmark Valentine’s week movie she had DVR’d earlier in the week.  I used to always disappear to my XBox when those movies came on…now I watch them with her.  Even though they all have the same plot line she loves them all…she is such a romantic.  As the movie started, she informed me her goal was “to make me beg tonight as we watched the movie.”  I playfully said, “beg for what Princess,” and got back “You will see…”

She picked up right where she left off the other night.  First caressing me through my pj’s before unbuttoning the fly and pulling the Steelheart through for full unfettered access.  For two hours, and no she didn’t fast forward through the commercials, she had fun making me squirm.  During the commercials is when she would playfully suck and nibble on my swollen balls.  Several times she commented on the lovely shade of blue they were or how full they felt.  I was going mad.  Of course, after each erection would subside she would take a 3-4 minute break and start right back all over again.  Toward the end of the movie, she started talking about how much fun it was for her to build up the pressure in my balls, slowly dragging fingernails over them, and watching as her big strong cock tried to escape the steel.  Her erotic touch along with the seductive narrative she was giving made me a stuttering, bumbling, nearly incoherent pile of putty in her hands.

Let’s put it this way, toward the end I was so desperate to cum that I was curling my body up toward her squeezing my legs together on her hands as she caressed and massaged my balls.  Then…well….then…

As I was writhing around trying to coil my legs around her hands on my balls like a python does its prey, a feeble almost breathless “please” escaped my lips.

“What was that?” came back with a giggle.

“Please Princess…?”

“Please what…I can’t read your mind…what do you want?” her voice changing ever so slightly to a velvety seductive near whisper.

In between breaths while trying to stay focused… “please let me out…please I want to be inside you…please….please….let me have an orgasm.”

“Ah I love it when you beg…but….Nope…I am having way too much fun right now!” 

I had lost all sense of never begging at that point.

“Please…I really want…” and she cut me off.

In her best you’re in trouble tone:  “No more begging sweetheart or you may never get out of the Steelheart…ever…”

Continuing until she sensed I was near the edge of losing control she stopped and sat up on her side of the love seat leaving me a whimpering, squirming, thrusting in to mid air mess.  The final credits were rolling on the movie so it had been nearly two hours of teasing.  It was around 2 a.m. and our son texted indicating he was on his way home from work so she sent me off to bed.  Around 3 a.m., I glanced at the clock as the door opened since I was still too horny to sleep, she finally came to bed.  A lot of kissing, petting, and wonderful foreplay led to:

“You have on too much clothing…” in between purrs and moans.  We both sleep naked with me locked in the Steelheart.  “Go get my key…”  

In no time flat I had retrieved the emergency key from my backpack, letting her unlock it, and was being stroked back to a full erection.  Commenting on how big and firm I was she followed with “what are you waiting for” and guided me inside her.

I never forget just how awesome it feels being inside her!!!

Needless to say I didn’t last too long once inside her…5 or 6 minutes…maybe…before I was near the edge and again begging to have an orgasm.  My begging was met with her increased thrusting in to me squeezing her vaginal walls around my cock until I exploded.  I have had some very strong orgasms over the past year (who am I kidding they have all been strong) since they are so few and far between.  The one this morning; however, had to be the strongest and most satisfying one I have ever had.  It had only been 24 days since my last orgasm so I don’t know exactly why this one was so damn strong…maybe it has something to do with being constantly teased and kept on edge for nearly 48 hours…who knows.

Of course, MrsL didn’t go without her orgasms. As I cleaned up after myself her body raced through several orgasms that started with, in my opinion, the strongest one she has had ever.  Her clit pulsed and twitched, trapped between my lips, forever it seemed until I released it and went back to lapping up cum triggering several more rapid fire orgasms for her.

We collapsed in each other’s arms with me thanking her for such a wonderful evening.  I told her just how strong this orgasm felt to me and she said “I know I could feel it too” which made me beam with pride.

“Maybe just maybe” she added, “keeping you horny for two days is the trick.” With that, she snuggled in to me and drifted off to sleep.

She didn’t tell me to lock back up so I am sitting here still on a little breakaway.  I have to go to Brazil a week from today so I don’t know if I am out until I get back or what.  Needless to say, the honor system is in full effect!

Even though it was delayed by a week our date night was fabulous!!!

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