Good morning times 2

So, yesterday while I was stuck on back to back to back conference calls, most of which I didn’t have to say anything after roll call, MrsL and I had a fun day via SnapChat. Oh, that was after morning wake up call.

I went in to wake her up at her normal time during the 1st of the calls, a full departmental monthly call, and kept the phone on mute while she received a wonderfully strong orgasm.  The excitement of oral sex while at work was energizing!

Our son, despite the relapse, is staying focused on getting his college degree.  Honestly, if he gets to that milestone I believe it will triple his self confidence. Without a license we are his rides to and from campus.  Since we live about 20 miles away it is difficult for him to find someone to commute with that matches his schedule so MrsL drops him off then works out of a Panera Bread right off campus.

Yesterday during the second or third call I was bored so I sent her a sexy little SnapChat picture of the Steelheart and the sealed envelope with the emergency key.  The series of messages that followed had me so damn horny I was going mad!  Most of her messages were nothing but emoji’s followed by “know what I want to do to you?”  There was a ping pong paddle hitting a ball!  There was her favorite, a guy in a canoe followed by the international symbol of NO, the red circle with a slash (the canoe is her Two and a Half Men reference to full on sex).  There were fingernails, big toothy smiles (lots of biting/nibbling), a emoji of a syringe (maybe get to use one of the magic bullet shots), and the one that I never figured out….a unicorn.

Every time I guessed what the unicorn meant all I would get was the little she devil emoji.  Her final SnapChat before the son got in the car was “you will find out what that means when I am ready to do it to you….”  DAMN!  I am not sure but the game of figuring it out is erotically exciting.

After work and dinner found us on the loveseat her working on sales materials (flyers and handouts) and me dozing in/out of sleep.  The new inhaler the doctor called in seemed to be working so I went to bed and didn’t remember her coming in…rare for me…especially since I am so hyped up and horny.  Then the alarm went off….

The alarm woke me from a dream where MrsL had me laying on the floor using her bare feet to stroke my uncaged cock….needless to say the Steelheart was full and biting in to the balls pretty hard.  I rolled over and snuggled in to her back and was pleasantly surprised when she responded by gently scratching my arm wrapped around her.

I caressed and stroked her body from her wonderfully wet pussy up to her neck as I nibbled on her ear.  I swear she  must have been in my dream because as I was caressing her she started stroking my leg between her super soft sexy feet.  I nearly had an orgasm and had to focus on control while continuing to make her purr.  She pulled me on top of her reaching down to grab the Steelheart guiding it to her sex.  “You can be inside me later today…maybe…but right now…the Steelheart needs to be inside me…”

She has done this a few times and grinds on the steel to the point of near orgasm then always ask me to finish her with my tongue.  The crashing emotions in my head of knowing my cock was inside her but not feeling anything was POWERFUL!  Being asked to give her an orgasm while she is grinding on the Steelheart is intoxicating.  I gladly and eagerly kissed and nibbled down her body, stopping to pay a little attention to each fully erect nipple, finally arriving at her wet tasty pussy.  Long slow licking, nibbling, and chewing sent her to many strong orgasms.  Feeling her clit pulse in  my mouth is heaven!!!  Losing count of how many times it happens in a short period of time is magical!

When she had her fill, she pulled me up on top of her and sarcastically said, “I thought you were coming out of your Steelheart this morning…did you have a good dream?”

“I sure did…thank you for letting me make you happy.”

“Well, I am sure you are leaking so why don’t you smear your leaky precum all over the bottom of my feet and then clean it off…”

What a wonderful command from my Princess.  I got such sexy purring, oohing, and aaahing as my tongue lapped and sucked precum from her feet.

“Did you get it all?”

“Yes, Princess.”

“Then go to work…you may get to lick off more than precum from my feet this weekend.  I Love You and Good Morning.”

With that, she pulled the covers up over her entire body and I went to take a cold shower. This weekend is going to be awesome!!

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