After a rather stressful few days things are moving back to a state of “normal” (if there really is such a state) around here.

A quick update: our son finally admitted out loud that he had an addiction problem to us. In the past it was always, “I’ve screwed up” or “I made a mistake”, etc.  For me, it is a big step to finally be willing to admit that to us.  However, because he is a psychology major and all of his research papers deal with addiction he says every scholarly paper, article, or treatise he has read and referenced in his studies indicates that structured rehab programs don’t work…that they all have a failure rate of 80-90%.  Maybe they are right….maybe they are not.  All I know is that he would walk away from a treatment program as soon as they would let him.  He insist that he is the only person who can get himself clean.  He is still not ready to admit or seek treatment for the depression but we are still talking about it…a minor victory.  The best thing is that a guy he looks up to as a mentor in his umpire circle knows about his issues and tonight when MrsL dropped him off to go to their rules meeting and our son went in the store to buy something he handed her a slip of paper with his contact information and told her he knew what had happened and was going to “kick his ass.”  This guy is a native New Yorker, the city, and dealt with young adult addicts in his former life.  A little tough love from his mentor will certainly help.  I know he listens to this guy and respects him.

As for MrsL and I, we are actively seeking counseling to get through.  This blog and CrossFit are my solace.  MrsL is so private that she is going the counseling route.

Now, with all of that being said we are still trying to enjoy each other.  After the idiocy of trying the PA wire the last time in my Steelheart finally healing up, MrsL telling me that if I ever think about using it again that it will be a full 90 days in the Steelheart (after healing), and getting the 6 gauge curved barbell in place I am glad to report I am happily locked up again.  We are discussing other options for chastity with an integrated PA.  I am definitely leaning toward one of the Steelwerks Extreme options and MrsL is being a bit coy and what she would prefer.  Once she weighs all of the options and we make the purchase I will definitely be posting about it. The best part is something new:  she has always kept the 2nd “emergency” key in a little jewelry box upstairs.  I had access to it anytime I wanted but never used it without her permission.  Even though I had to access it from the envelope she had it sealed in last week I was able to get a hotel envelope and seal it back up and when I got home I asked her if she wanted me to put the key back in the jewelry box and her reply made me smile and my heart race:  “No, let’s leave it sealed up for awhile.  I kind of like knowing I have the only available key…!” with an evil little grin on her face.   So after nearly a full year where I always had access to a key I now DON’T!  To me that is a huge leap forward.

Tonight, MrsL is out with her girlfriends for their monthly night out.  We had planned for a fun few hours of alone time after our son left for his meeting after I woke her up with a few orgasms this morning, in between all day calls. She even hinted that she was going to start the evening with me in the garage to get caught up on discipline…a thought I was both excited about and dreading completely!!  However, late this afternoon she texted me that she had forgotten it was girls night and she was going to back out.  I didn’t text her back…I walked downstairs, caressed her neck, and told her:  NO you are not going to cancel you need to get out of the house.  Sometimes I have to be the dominant one….LOL!

So, after getting home from dropping off our son I sent her up to shower and get ready.  On the way out the door I got an awesome kiss, a fondling of the Steelheart, and then a slap on the ass.  I am glad she went.  Who knows what will happen when she gets home?  Maybe I will have something to write about tomorrow???

4 thoughts on “Normal…somewhat

  1. Great news about your son. Let’s hope he makes a common sense decision about his addiction. If treatment isn’t something he wants to participate in the meetings might be the way to go? I hope the Ump had a good talk to your son and that some of hit “hit a home run” with him. I want to send you encouragement for you and MrsL to seek the counseling you and she needs for your own wellbeing.
    It seems like your private times with your wife continue to get interrupted. That is a good thing in that I see it as a form of discipline. You plan, the plans get changed, and then the wait with anticipation of the coming private time with MrsL.


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