Don’t forget…

For the past month I have been unlocked.  Initially for traveling to see family and then for letting the PA heal from gauging up to a larger size and finally just because she liked having free access to tease and torment me while I wasn’t traveling.

Last night after watching the two NFL conference championships…oh and wrapping up the season win in our football pool for a nice $650 payday…I went upstairs to get packed for this week’s trip. In an effort to have a bit more control of my schedule I have decided this year that if I can drive to an investigation within 6-7 hours then I am going to rent a car and drive.  Up until last year, I could always book one way tickets to get to and from my cases and even though booking a round trip usually equals two one ways my company now insist on booking round trips.  What that means for me is leaving on Monday and staying through Friday even if I get done on Wednesday.  So, I am driving this week.

As I got up to the room and morph in to my alter evil ego, “corporate traveler,” I got a text from MrsL:

“Don’t forget my Steelheart” with several of her little she devil emojis.

I have been both craving and regretting that command.  Having the shiny steel penis became a nice security blanket, I mean it became a part of me and I really did miss being locked.  On the other hand, I had gotten comfortable again with the simple things primarily standing to pee when out in public.  But when I read her text last night, my heart started racing, a got a bit of an erection, and inside my head there was a celebration going on….Finally. Thank You, Thank You, Thank you!!, I’m getting locked up, I’m getting locked up.  (If you have seen the movie Inside Out just imagine Joy bouncing around smiling and singing)

I did inquire if she wanted me locked before I went to bed or in the morning after my shower.  She replied with “after shower…because….” lots of little she devil emojis.

When she came to bed she edged me 3 times before turning over tightly holding my hand so I couldn’t caress her body.

“You have a long day tomorrow so I am off limits tonight.”

Well damn!!!

It took me about half an hour to come down enough to fall asleep.

This morning as MrsL was turning the key to seat the lock in place I started caressing her body earning me several purrs and moans. Guess what I got for breakfast???  I am going to use that wonderful energy from her orgasm all week long!!!

She put my emergency key in a little blue envelope and wrote “EMERGENCY USE ONLY” on the seal, “I LOVE YOU” underneath the point of the flap on the envelope, and drew a little Princess crown in the bottom corner.

The bad thing about this whole deal….I have to fly next week.  I guess it is time to take the plunge and carry the Steelheart in my carry on bags and lock up.

Happily locked again!!

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