If the plug fits….

If you follow me on the Twitter you know that when I came in from shoveling snow/ice from our driveway yesterday I found a set of instructions from the wonderful MrsL.  She had gone over to June’s house to help her with an order of baked goods she had to deliver today to a client for the NFC championship game as I was shoveling and surprised me a bit.

The instructions were clear: “Clean yourself inside and out (enema and shower), shave, and put in the butt plug. I want to have a little fun tonight!”  She left a little evil smiley face on the instructions.  I was very happy, excited, and a bit scared.

I know I am in for a night of pegging when I am told to clean myself out but she has never added the phrase about wanting to have fun; thus accounting for me being a bit scared.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love anal play.  I love the sensations. I love the vulnerability I feel.  I love the sense of confidence I get from the whole process.  However, when she replied to the Snapchat with “if you weren’t sore the last time…you will be tomorrow!” my heart raced a little.

If you follow me here, you probably know that we have our oldest son at home due to a horrible addiction issue (which he is recovering from) as well as 2 DUI’s within 2 years…meaning no license.  Dealing with him can be so frustrating, hurtful, and rewarding and that is all within the same day.  So after he left for work I went up to our room and dutifully complied with all of MrsL’s directions sending her a Snapchat of the plug once firmly in place.

THEN: about an hour after the son went to work I got a text: “Can you or Mom please come get me?”  My heart sank.  The subsequent text conversation went something like this:

Me: Why what is going on…no business?

Son: Not really and they called somebody else in and there are three food runners and I told them I was leaving to go home and work on schoolwork.

Me: Okay, on my way.

I sent MrsL a text letting her know whatever she had planned was going to have to be delayed and why and went to pick him up.

So, our night of fun was ALMOST a bust.

Thankfully, I still had the plug firmly in place when MrsL got home.  She inquired about it so I gladly told her it was still in place.

“Good, leave it in as long as you can.  Let’s see how far we can push your boundaries.”

At that point it had already been in for nearly 2.5 hours.  My personal best is 6.5 hours and that was last September/October time frame and I want to please her…not to mention I love the way it presses on the prostate as well as giving me a constant reminder of her control.

I went up to bed at 11 when she and the son decided to start catching up on their DVR viewing from last week.  As I kissed her goodnight she asked if I was still okay and I nodded my head. She smiled and said good night then whispered in my ear “leave it in then.”

Around 2 a.m. I woke up to my son’s door closing and instantly noticed a bit of soreness and I knew I was at my limit.  I always have permission to remove it when I hit that limit so I did just that.   MrsL was still downstairs, have I mentioned she is a serious night owl, so after removing and cleaning the plug I threw on my lounge pants and walked down to find out how much longer she was going to stay up.

“I will come up now. He just went up and I can watch this tomorrow before the games.  Are you still plugged?”

“No, Princess.  I was finally getting sore.”


We went up to the room, undressed, and crawled in bed.  It didn’t take long for things to heat up with petting, kissing, and scratching (I still have some light marks this morning).  I finally asked if she would please tell me what she was planning on doing to me had we been alone.  I will write about that when it happens.  I will tease you with this: she told me her mission was to make me beg her to stop.

When I told her I had the plug in for nearly 9 hours she gave a little sexy ooh and then started with the questions…all asked in sultry voice.  After each answer she would ask another one.  I wasn’t sure where it was leading until the last question

“What do you get out of being plugged?”

“How does that make you feel?”

“Do you like that I make you wear it?”  (there were a few more questions between this one and the last one)

“What does it make you want to do when you are plugged?”

“Princess, when I am plugged all I do is think about you and giving you the best orgasms you ever had.”  Her reply sent me into a hormone driven frenzy.

“Then do it!!!”

I was so focused and in tune with her body I blew right past her rule of stopping at 3.  As the fourth one was still gently twitching in my mouth:

“That one is going to cost you.  When are you going to learn how to count?”

All I could was laugh.  I know the punishment will leave me anything but laughing but I was basking in the surge of her raw unfettered energy.

As we were curling up to each other, I asked her if I could put the plug back in when I got up.

“If the plug fits and doesn’t make you too sore…then wear it.”

She kissed me, rolled over and quickly was lost in slumber.

I am once again sporting my silicone plug.  When I am done here I am going out to the interwebs to order either one of the World’s Most Comfortable plugs from Mr. S Leather or an nJoy plug.  I have heard good things about both.  Any recommendations on those two…or any other good ones out there for long term wear?

6 thoughts on “If the plug fits….

  1. I admire your courage and candor in sharing your life. Expressing the fine points of sexual self-expression is still terra incognito in our culture.
    In the way of hope, I too had a son my alcohol problems who recycled back home in his twenties. He got a job working with me, and turned his life around, as they say. He is now, fourteen years later, a manager with a laboratory equipment company, serving some big-name clients. My advice is to be the example you want your son to follow.

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  2. I wear a doc johnson plug 24/7 and I only take it out for 2 reasons LOL, I also am a cyclist who wear chastity 24/7. Thanks, Jeff in Raleigh


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