Welcome home

Coming home yesterday was well worth it!

As I walked in the door, MrsL in tight sweater, jeans, and her boots confidently strode up to me in the kitchen grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me in for a long deep kiss.  Her free hand slid down my body to find my rapidly rising erection.  She kissed, nibbled, and sucked on my lips while massaging me through my clothes to the point I just knew she was going to coax an orgasm out of me right then and there.  But wait….

As soon as she sensed I was on the verge of losing focus/control she stopped!

“I am going to do that all night…okay?”

What was I going to say…no?

So, I sat down and ate my takeout (she had already had dinner) and went up to unpack while she was finalizing an order with a customer.  I came back down in my favorite Polo lounge wear (oh so warm and comfy) and sat down on the couch patiently waiting for her to finish.

Usually, I am the one who takes advantage of having her recline back in her chair to give her orgasms but not last night.  I heard her walking in from her office, boot steps echoing in my mind like cannon blast, and instantly started getting an erection.  She walked in front of me and after rubbing my erection through my pants with a boot knelt down in front of me.

“I still haven’t made up my mind. Do I want to spoil an orgasm?  Do I want to let you cum inside me…or…do I simply want to just tell you to go lock up?”

As the words were registering in my brain, eyes closed, I heard her tell me I had to keep my eyes open and watch everything.  When I met her gaze, her eyes alive with excitement, I felt a surge of energy in my groin. She grinned and buried my cock in her mouth.  Amazing!  She would lick from the base up to the PA ring, let her tongue play with the ring, then totally engulf me again. She repeated this until I was shuddering in the recliner…then she stopped!

“Sit there and relax and recover…what about 25 minutes or so…then we will start again. I still haven’t made up on what I want to do with you.”

About 30 minutes later, the whole process repeated itself with a different method of teasing. She would only take the head in her mouth and while her tongue was swirling around playing with the ring she was using her fingernails to scrape from just beneath the head down all the way through my balls stretching the sac out as far as she could with just her nails.  The body and mind were so damned confused! The pleasure of the playful oral action was beautifully countered by the pleasantly painful stretching and squeezing of the balls.  Was there an orgasm at the end of this path…of course not!  She was having way too much fun and enjoyment out of me squirming, moaning, and whimpering.

“I just love your little whimpers as you get oh so close to an orgasm.  It really is very exciting for me.  So, we will get started again in about 30 minutes…okay?”

Unfortunately, I fell asleep and woke up about an hour later.  MrsL could tell I was exhausted and let me go up to bed.  When she came up herself about an hour later…

Well, I will leave that for the next post as my boss just sent me a conference call invite in 15 minutes.  Stay tuned!!




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