Welcome Home part 2

Let’s see…where did I leave off this morning…oh yes when MrsL came up to bed.

I woke up around 2:45 a.m. as my oldest son’s door closed.  MrsL was coming up the stairs and went in to the bathroom.  She came out and undressed silhouetted in the  low green light from the alarm system panel by our door. She climbed in to bed immediately reaching for my burgeoning erection.

“Are you all rested up?  I hope so…!”

Before I could say anything she took me in her mouth and gave me the best oral sex I have had…hell who am I kidding…any oral sex I get from MrsL is awesome! As I was getting close she stopped and placed her head on my chest.

“You do know that this isn’t going to end the way you think it is…so enjoy. I want to see just how many times I can take you right to the brink of an orgasm before you start begging…hehe!”

There was no “recovery” period needed the rest of the night.  Immediately after ending one edging session as soon as I stopped squirming she would begin another one.  Each time she used a different style/technique for stimulation: gentle light strokes, firm grip slamming her fist in to my balls, the head in the mouth with fingernails used earlier, flicking her tongue in/out of the slit while stroking me and chewing on a nipple, and on, and on!  I lost count after 4.  She makes this incredibly sexy little purring noise whenever I moan or whimper and that drives me even closer to orgasms when I hear it.  As she was scooping up the puddle of pre cum (probably even some ejaculate from a spoiled orgasm) she started talking very softly:

“I think that is enough for tonight. I don’t want you getting to sore.  I need to save something for tomorrow night which may be a little more rough…you like it when things are rough don’t you?  I love playing with my cock and balls but you do know they will be locked up again…real…soon…don’t’ you?” 

“Yes, Princess I know.  Thank you for letting me be unlocked this long.  May I please give you an orgasm?”

“Not yet. I want to lay here and enjoy being kissed, caressed, and held by my knight. I will tell you I am ready”

I kissed her passionately while letting my hands gently explore her body.  One of her new favorite things to do is grind against my knee while I kiss and nibble on her breast.  We ended up in this position after several minutes of kissing.  The intensity of her breathing and grinding let me know she was close. She pulled me close to her so my right ear was resting on her mouth and breathlessly whispered, “I am ready”

In one fluid movement she pushed me down her body while rolling over to the edge of the bed planting my face on her pussy.  3 orgasms later she pulled me up on the bed, gave me a kiss, and we spooned in to each other.  With my hand in hers resting on her left breast, just over her heart, she said:

“I missed you…welcome home.”

Oh, I forgot to mention there was no begging on my part. I want an orgasm  but not enough to beg….YET!

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