The punishment implement

I got myself in trouble Sunday. We were pet sitting for our neighbor and the oldest was at a meeting to get ready for the upcoming baseball season (he is a high school/JUCO Umpire) so we had some alone time. Sunday’s have been our regular discipline day and we haven’t had one in over a month. So, I thought I would be adventurous and took her little whip with me.

I got it out of the garage, where she administers my discipline, and stuffed it inside my jacket. Once I let the dog out and back in I sent MrsL a snapchat bare ass holding the whip against my backside (mirrors are a great thing) asking if she wanted to relaunch discipline?  The reply I got back continues her remarkable progression to being in charge! She replied back: “No I will tell you when I am going to spank you. You have earned a 20 minute time out when you get back over here!”

My head was spinning! Did she really just say that?   It’s okay….you want her to be more assertive! No wait 20 minutes!!!

When I got back from the neighbors she walked me to the closet, watched me strip, applied the hanger to my nipples, and put me in position herself…something she has not done in months! After setting the timer on my phone and placing it where I had to watch it she swatted my bare ass with her hand and reiterated: I decide when I spank you. She turned off the light and shut the door leaving me to think about things for 20 minutes.

Two days later, I my calves and nipples are both still sore. When we were chatting on the phone a few minutes ago she coyily asked if I was still sore and giggled.  I LOVE HER!!

Oh, I finally got a picture of the punishment implement. She sure knows how to wield it!!


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