On the road again

Okay, so I am a week off as I actually had my first business trip last week to the lovely northeast.  I am back up here again this week and the way things are going I will be back next week.  While I truly do enjoy the trappings and benefits that come with business travel I really do have to question if the juice is worth the squeeze.

Let’s start with the newly minted American Airlines.  While US Airways had its issues, it was still a pretty good airline and their loyalty program was great.  When the two merged, the combined companies kept the American airlines loyalty program.  I am sure it is all about cost savings but it is miserable.  I guess I will be exploring the other major carrier out of my home town even though it means connecting through the ATL every week. As with every flight these days:  it was over sold, everyone had at least one carry on bag (some obviously too big), and we were delayed due to weather.  Alas, the life of a road warrior.  Just enough miles to have some hope for an upgrade but 20 people ahead of me with more points or miles.  Oh, and did I mention the poor Mom traveling with her infant child that screamed the entire flight?  I really did feel sorry for her.

The people watching is what saves the day for most trips. Today was no exception.  I sometimes wonder how some of these people can get their jobs done.  There was rotund older gent who has probably been traveling about half as long as I have been alive.  His suit was too small and wrinkled.  He had his ear buds wrapped around his neck like a scarf not attached to any device and was trailing papers and scraps of a muffin he was attempting to eat as he walked behind him as if to mark his way back home.  Closely behind was a young “top gun” sales woman chattering on her Bluetooth about 1st quarter sales already being made and begging for a larger quota. Of course when you couple the business travelers with the folks trying to get home after a long weekend partying in their flip flops, shorts, and bloodshot eyes it made for a great scene.

So, here I sit after a long day of travel and a few hours at the office.  I have a major issue to resolve which means lots of data analysis and numerous difficult conversations with people who think they are above, not only, company policy but the law.  It will be an excellent week…until the flight home…?!

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