Dinner plans…an update

Well, after dinner was canceled Friday night leading to some awesome playtime for MrsL and me I was very amped about the possibility of delayed dinner plans for June and her boyfriend on Saturday…me plugged and possibly locked in the Steelheart.  Unfortunately plans were again canceled on Saturday so there was no erotic secrets between MrsL and I at a friends house.  I sometimes wonder if MrsL is thinking about telling June our little chastity secret because she has hinted about it a couple of times.  That would truly be a major leap forward??!!

On the chastity front, no news other than I am still unlocked.  MrsL keeps sending me text messages about the free time coming to an end soon and until then I am on the honor system while traveling.  I suspect that when I get home Friday evening I will find a note with instructions to put in on as she is going out of town for the weekend with her Mom and sisters.  I am exploring chastity options better suited for travel, with her permission, and am only sure of one thing:  it will not be the Bon4.  Obviously, a titanium custom fit device from Steelwerks Extreme would be absolutely awesome and metal detector proof but cost prohibitive.  The custom made 3d printed options from Evotion Wearables look like a potential good fit but I am still not sure a high quality polymer 3d printed device will work?  We will see.




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