Dinner plans

It was late Thursday night, early Friday morning, and MrsL and I had both just returned home. I had been at my company’s video conference site for over 3 hours and MrsL had been at a neighbor’s house (family friend – single Mom whose son and our youngest went to school together so we have known her 14 years) for a Premier Jewelry show.  MrsL loves to talk and so does June (not her real name obviously) so when I called MrsL’s cell at 12:30 as I was leaving work I was not surprised to find out her and June were still talking.

As we undressed for bed, I started kissing and nibbling my way down MrsL’s body with every intention of leaving a trail of kisses to her pussy where I would then give her as many orgasms as she wanted with my tongue.  That; however, was not her plan!

She pointed to the bed having me lay down with my feet hanging over the edge and climbed up beside me.  I had just been given an orgasm a couple of days ago and she wanted to find the “roving tickle spot” as she calls it.  There are certain areas, when touched, that send chills through my body causing me to shudder and puts an instant charge in the penis.  The fun part about these areas is they move so she acts like Laura Croft daily searching for the elusive treasure spot.  She usually tells me what she has planned for me over the next few minutes while she is searching.  It is great fun for both of us. But I digress

Once she found THE spot that night and was satisfied that I was sufficiently horny she started edging me.  Damn she has gotten good at reading my body!  You would have thought, by the end of this little play session, she had spoiled 3 or 4 orgasms with the amount of leaked cum.  (Maybe this was a milking session…who knows…)

So, during MrsL’s playtime she was telling me how lucky she was to have me and I of course told her I was the lucky one.  June is divorced and can’t seem to find a guy.  The current boyfriend is an old friend/flame from school that is getting divorced as well but that’s another story.  Then as she drags a finger from my nose, down the chin, and begins tracing a line down to my crotch she casually drops in that we have a dinner date for Friday night with June and her new boyfriend. As her hand rest on top of the penis there is a long pregnant dripping with anticipation pause….

“and you get to wear…. your plug over there for dinner so plan accordingly tomorrow afternoon.”

The smile on her face, as well as the thoughts running through my head,  as she watched me react sent blood rushing back to the penis.  I just knew she was going to say the Steelheart and was absolutely surprised by being told to wear the plug.

So, yesterday afternoon rolls around and the phone rings.  It’s June.  I don’t know why but seeing her number on the caller ID caused a surge of excitement and an almost instant erection.  A few minutes later I get a text from MrsL from downstairs telling me our dinner date was called off for the evening as June’s boyfriend was stuck at work until late.  As disappointment was washing over me the next text message came in:

“but you are still to put your plug in tonight…so still plan accordingly” (meaning an enema for me)

When I finally logged off my work computer I went in and gave myself an enema to get ready for the plug.  I have found that being completely clean makes the playtime more enjoyable.  We usually wait between 1-2 hours afterwards to start any anal activity so I was set for anytime after 6.

Since it was a cold rainy Friday night we wound up ordering take out.  As I walked MrsL’s food to her she discreetly, because the oldest is sick, called in off work, and was in the recliner 4′ away, ran a finger down the seam of my sweats landing on my unplugged hole.

“After dinner you need to fix this….”   The boy either didn’t hear or didn’t care because there was no reply from him.

We ate and watched some recorded shows….none of which I like…but it keeps me close to MrsL.  When they finally started one I really hate around 7ish, MrsL turned to me and told me if I wanted to escape upstairs to play Xbox or watch t.v. I could.  As I was walking upstairs I got a text reminder to put the plug in and send her a Snapchat with proof it was in.  Since it had been a few weeks it took a little time working it in but once it was firmly seated in place I sent her the Snapchat.  The reply back really surprised me:

“Now, I want you in time out for 20 minutes…send proof when you are in place.”

So, there I was naked, plugged, and hanging by my nipples in the back of our closet for 20 minutes.  What a way to start the night!  While I was hanging in the closet I got a text from her to send her a Snapchat of my nipples after the time out…she wanted to see her handy work so I complied.

Around 11 I went downstairs to kiss her good night.  As I leaned over her reclining love seat to kiss her she reached around and tapped on the base of the plug and smiled.  As I was walking back upstairs I got another text:

“Leave that in until I come to bed and have my toy box open waiting on me.”

I got everything ready and crawled in bed.  Around 1:30 I woke up as MrsL walked in and crawled in to bed beside me.  She didn’t say anything simply checked the plug and started stroking my cock.  She edged me 4 or 5 times before asking if I had her toy box ready.  I had left it just out of sight behind my night stand in the unlikely event anybody but her walked in the room.

She got up ordered me to put a towel under me and lay down on my back.  Normally when she fucks me she wants me on all fours…not tonight…she had other plans.

She pushed my feet up over my chest and ordered me to hold myself open for her and hinted there would be hell to pay if I let go of my feet/ankles.  As the plug slid out I let out a little moan…

“Are you sore…?”

“No, Princess.”

“Well you will be when I’m done…”

She started with the glass prostate massager.  It has a little knobby head followed with a large bulb…it is a dichotomy of intense pleasure and a wonderful stretching sensation.  After a few minutes with this she grabbed the smaller of the two dildos and after slowly working the head through my hole began pounding me with it…wow what a sensation.  She didn’t bother with her harness tonight…she wanted to change things quickly…and she did.   After several minutes of the small dildo, she grabbed the larger one applied more lube and in one motion drove it balls deep in my exposed ass and left it there.  It took a moment to regain my composure and when I did she began a slow grinding with her dildo and leaned down and took my semi erect cock in her mouth.  The combined sensation of a large silicone dildo fucking me with my cock in MrsL’s mouth were wonderfully powerful and exotic.  It didn’t take long before I was on the verge of an orgasm and MrsL knew it as she stood up leaving my cock to flop up and down as she continued to pound my ass with 8″ of dildo.

The soreness was beginning to overpower the good feelings and my breathing and moans let her know.  She let the dildo slide out and climbed up on the bed for a long kiss.

“Clean up your mess…” as she got up to go wash her hands.

I got everything cleaned and put away to find MrsL naked laying on the edge of the bed.  She took my face and planted it on her wet pussy.  I licked and nibbled her to several strong orgasms, the last of which probably woke up our son but who cares right, before we snuggled up to each other to fall asleep.

“Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you our dinner date with June wasn’t called off completely. We are going over there tomorrow night and you will still wear your butt plug to dinner.  Good night!”

She reached around and placed a hand on the penis and giggled a bit as it was getting hard. Nothing else was said and we fell asleep.

 Needless to say, I am sore this morning but a good kind of sore and am very excited about dinner tonight!  I am also pleasantly surprised I am still out of the Steelheart!  I think she is really enjoying having unfettered access to stroke me to the edge of orgasm anytime she wants.

Oh well, she is in charge and I love it!!

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