Just a brief post, on my lunch break,  to say MrsL is AWESOME.

When I went in to wake her up this morning she gave me a little reward, after she was satisfied. She had me lay on the bed beside her and began stroking my stiff rod.  As I got close to the edge, the first time, I looked at her and all she had to do was furrow her brow for me to know the answer was NO!  However, after taking me to the edge two more times she asked me a question when she started massaging me again: 

“Are you all healed up?” as she steadily increased the tempo.

After muttering something, I was so lost in wanting an orgasm I don’t know what I said, she told me to speak clearly and I eagerly replied with a “Yes, Princess”.

All she said, with that cute but scary smile was “Yes.”

My body quivered as she stroked the full orgasm from me.  We were both surprised by the strength of the initial release.  After milking every drop she could from my sensitive member she kissed me and told me that was my reward for passing the test yesterday, got up, and left me to clean up.  

HOT!!  If I didn’t have to go through metal detectors tonight I am sure she would have ordered me back in the Steelheart right then so I know what will be waiting on me when I get home!

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