I passed the test

There is a great deal of literature and reading material all over the web about what happens to the male body and mind after an orgasm.  Don’t quote me on these but some of the most prominent studies (theories) show that the male experiences: being moody, less affectionate, loses interest in his partner, and it takes between 5-10 days for things to start balancing out to normal.  Now, I know personally from the experience of the past year and the limited full orgasms I was given by MrsL that I do get a bit moody but the need to be affectionate to her never wanes.  

However, the one thing that MrsL has identified as the biggest difference in me after a full orgasm is truly a physical (or lack thereof) response.  After an orgasm, I lose the sensitivity to her touch and have can focus on controlling being ticklish.  This usually last 24-48 hours.  So, when I got home yesterday afternoon I was surprised at MrsL’s actions….pleasantly and frustratingly surprised.

We hugged and kissed in the kitchen for a few minutes before she took my hands and placed them on the counter behind me.

“Don’t move and don’t break eye contact, understand?”

“Yes, Princess.”

“Let’s see if you were bad while you were in Baltimore….a little test!”

With that, she lifted my shirt putting the bottom of it in my mouth to hold it up and reached around letting her fingers meet in the small of my back.  She then lightly scratched around the the top of my pants on the exposed skin. 

I am glad she put my hands on the counter because my knees buckled!   And no, I didn’t break eye contact.

A whisp of a smile flashed across her face then her eyes darkened a bit.  She drug her nails up my ribs and let each hand settle on a nipple.  As she began pinching, slowly increasing the pressure, she began to smile as she watched my face reveal the tortured pain/pleasure from her grip.  She leaned in letting her body pin me against the cabinet then started nibbling on my ear as her left hand slid down to my crotch.  As her hand found my rigid cock trapped inside my pants she whispered:

“You passed!”

Suddenly; with the largest and most devilish grin I have ever seen, she stepped back and told me the dishwasher was ready to be emptied and walked away.

It took a few seconds for my head to stop reeling.  After emptying the dishwashwer she took me upstairs and let me worship her pussy with my tongue.  It was heaven!!  

I must admit, the Steelheart keeps me focused and MrsL doens’t have to worry about “testing” me.  However, the past couple of weeks of her having access to tease, edge, and deny me anytime is wonderful! Alas, all is healed up and after my visit to our metal detector protected facility tonight for yet another late night video conference with China I will be locked up agin tomorrow. 

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